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Wall Street mixed at midday – Oracle and RIM, with surcharges


With an uneven show a tendency the rates on Wall Street on Friday afternoon (local time). After about Beginning of trade nor the expiration of options and futures on the main indices had arranged for movement in the course is primarily the continued Strength of the dollar in focus. Up to clock 18.43 CET, the Dow Jones index losing for 30 industrial stocks 0.1% or 9 points to 10,299. The S & P 500 index rises, however, at 0.2% or 2 to 1098 points and the Nasdaq Composite Index rose by 0.9% or 19 to 2199 meters.

In focus is primarily the continued strength of the dollar. The Euro has fallen below the mark on Friday afternoon from 1.43 USD. Dealers see this as just a continuation of the price momentum of the past Days. After the expiration of index options would concentrate the market now on selected individual securities, says the trade. The Options on individual stocks expire at close of trading. Thus there could yet come to erratic movements, not for information background are.

The Nasdaq index inspire the good templates from Oracle and Research In Motion (RIM). Both companies were on the eve of positive Views and thereby given the disappointment over the reduction Earnings forecasts from FedEx invalidated. Oracle to increase by 6.6% to 24.40 U.S. dollars. The Software Group’s net profit in the fiscal second quarter by 12% to 1.3 Billion USD and increased sharply not only from a Cost control benefits, but also by increasing revenues again. After Einahmerückgängen had two quarters with the period September to November again showed growth, shared with Oracle.

RIM surprised the market with a higher outlook for the current quarter, both for profit as well as the Turnover on the estimates of analysts was. In closed the third quarter of RIM’s earnings had risen by 59%. Shares recording an increase of 9.8% to 69.71 dollars.

Nike basket by 2.3% to 64.71 dollars. The sporting goods manufacturer reported for its second quarter, although profits were down, But this is compensated by an increase year on year Orders. Reason was the increased demand, especially in Emerging markets.

Boeing suffered against the breakdown of talks under the for the purchase of up to 200 of the new Dreamliner jets by Ryanair. The According to shares they represent 2.3% to 53.21 dollars. Boeing did not have the same Want to offer supply conditions as in previous contracts, it was said by Ryanair.

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