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Wall Street set to gain


HB NEW YORK. After very busy week on Wall Street but should first of all return to a bit quiet. The end-reporting season and the few economic data available in the new week on the calendar will bring according to estimates by analysts almost no movement in the market. In the past week, the U.S. Congressional elections, a new monetary policy easing by the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) and the U.S. labor market report, the stock had held its breath. To the surprise of many experts, the U.S. stock markets had failed to respond to falling prices. Now, many rely on further gains.

"Some alternatives to securities such as bonds or cash now appear less attractive, which should spur further investment in stocks," says investment expert Bill Luby. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on Wednesday had said after the rate-setting meeting that there would be in the U.S. for a long time extremely low interest rates. This should according to experts at creating incentives for borrowing and to make riskier investments more attractive. Edward Hemmelgarn of Shaker Investments praises the policy of the central bank as stringent, "The Fed turns the money supply on continuous resistance for the psyche of investors is more important than the big hit.."

Some analysts also see signs of setbacks for U.S. exchanges. The experts of the Bespoke Investment Group, according to the recent rally has led to important indices and individual sectors were asked at short notice is extremely strong. Therefore, it could therefore also lead to a consolidation. Robert Jones Trading Zavell expected but no great shock: "Is it possible that we are seeing every day from now until the new year gains I do not think every day, but you never know?" Said Zavell.

On Friday, the Dow Jones index of the default values by publishing an encouraging employment report, with an increase of 0.1 per cent to 11 444 points was gone from the market. The broader S & P 500 put on 0.4 percent to 1226 points. In the coming week will show whether the stock index may jump over the psychologically important mark of 1228 points. The index of the Nasdaq closed on Friday at a premium of 0.1 percent to 2579 points.

While in Germany pending a flood of figures, in the U.S. runs from the reporting season. Companies like Cisco, MBIA, and Walt Disney are yet to announce quarterly results.