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COLOGNE: Cologne is a good place for Russian avant-garde art. This is demonstrated not only the rich collections at the Museum Ludwig and the current exhibition program. Also in the Cologne Trade Russia Modern and contemporary artists have always found a basis. Fixed Focal Points were 80 in the past, the gallery Gmurzynska (until 2005) and in the 90s and the Galerie Krings-Ernst, where were the Moscow conceptualist home. Today Priscilla Pasquer builds, manages the estate of the Lissitzky, a Russian-made gravity.

Artistic awakening in the photo

Pasquer latest exhibition revolves around the rather small-scale evidence of an artistic cooperation in the fledgling Soviet state. In photography, Gustav Klutsis, Pioneer took the photo montage, and his wife, the poster designer Valentina Kulagina unconsumed avant-garde medium to express their political picture ideas. There are only 36 works from the period 1924 to 1935, the Margarita Tupitsyn, an expert on Soviet art, has hung in Pasquer. But it extends to an era and their individual stories can rise to the first privately staged pose for 5,000 euros to the age of photomontage, which comes at a price (86,000 euros, prices subject to VAT, up 9.3.)

As arises Pictures and Movies

With art-historical ambitions were Daniel Buchholz and his partner Christopher Muller at its Morgan Fisher-show at work. They have all the paper work of the already collected several of them shown the American filmmaker, partly from private collections. This small retrospective is so interesting because it reveals in all directions, open range of photo identification process.

Morgan’s works on paper to teach how he weiterdenkt his thoughts about the film, its materials and operating principles in sculpture, painting and installation. 1967/68 he draws film boxes, as if it were monumental sculpture (from 6000 to 18,000 euros). Some reminiscent of Bruce Nauman and Gary Kuehn of the time. In other work is graphically apprehended storyboards and technical drawings for the construction of film installations. In the 90 years, Morgan developed from the projected shadow of travel guides with pencil, gouache or torn cardboard abstractions that play with recesses (3,000 euros).

Artwork of fresh flowers

Willem de Rooij Buchholz in his second space only two recent works produced, including one from the carpet of the 2003 work evolved "living" sculpture made of 100 different flowers. The collector who buys the beautiful "bouquet" for 18,000 euros, has only a lifetime of pleasure to its acquisition, when he wilted for each species concerned without delay compensation. But this is only one aspect of something that initially looks just great. (Both shows run in Buchholz to 13.3.)

Zeitlassen look at art

Whoever turns away too quickly, kill himself in order to evidence and the fun of art. At least six minutes and 33 seconds for the attention of the viewer needs videoloop by Corinna Schnitt at Figge von Rosen. (Up to 13.3.) More time demands Marion man band solo show by Andreas Lorenschat as the artist works a lot with the spoken and written word. Since we provide patience, makes his discoveries and notes at the end that all the exhibits are related and Videos, letters and objects, including the clouded, enveloped by a luminous corona Rundspiegel and light production. All items of this total work of art are bought and are priced individually from 1300 to 4900 euros. Some read, there is also the great Hanne Darboven work "The Sand" (1979), which has the gallery Kewenig be prolonged until the end of February (750.000 euros).

Painting for city slickers

A faster promise the pleasure of painting exhibitions at Rehbein and Captain. Rehbein shows Leif Trenkler Recent portraits and architectural scenes (up to 27.2.). Motifs, they recall the lives of city dwellers in Edward Hopper and Alex Katz. Only on closer inspection reveals lots, leading a strange life of its own. Here breaks the pure pleasure of painting, train, what the images placed in tension. (Prices between 3,300 and 16,800 euros for one edition.)

Even with Uwe Henneken it’s good to let the landscape contribute more to himself (Captain, to 10.4.). Then, that is, its scenic beauty comes in spite of the horror to light. Thus, decorative black surfaces for bottomless abyss and the earth bears dead ocher. A narrow strip of green appears on the horizon, a sign of hope. Campy Hennekens are elegies to a world colorful, surprisingly not. That they have many supporters, is reflected in the price level. It ranges from 12,000 to 48,000 euros.

Anyone who likes stories contrived to images, comes at Kaune-Sudendorf to his right. This shows in this country of little-known American photo artist Todd Hido deserted night shots of suburban houses. In dealing with mixed light turns out to Todd as a master, what can be observed also in his files in interiors. Todd is working with three different support sizes up to ten copies and prices, which move from 1800 to 7500 euros. This is a perfectly reasonable price level for an artist whose works are already in major American collections (until 10.4.).