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What are good iPad and Co for the business


das iPad von Apple: Viele Analysten glauben nicht an eine Zukunft der Tablet-PCs im Geschäftsleben - doch das hatten sie auch über das iPhone gesagt. Quelle: Reuters

The Apple iPad: Many analysts do not believe in a future of Tablet PCs in business – but that they had said about the iPhone. Source: Reuters

The market for Tablet PCs is in motion, since AppleCEO Steve Jobs with a big fuss his new baby, who has introduced iPad. Manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo, Fusion Garage, Hewlett Packard (HP) and perhaps Google will soon bring new devices to market.

But on Apple focus continues to be all attention. The company stands for both "show business such as data processing," says science writer Nicholas Carr. The crucial question for business users, the new iPad is therefore: If you want to be just trendy and chic – or bring the digital slate the mobile business users a real value to their laptops, smartphones or other Tablet PCs?

After all, Microsoft nine years ago, the software "Windows XP Tablet PC Edition" put on the market, which came in a variety of devices used – for example, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba. Handwriting recognition and the use of Office applications at that time were indeed revolutionary, but the success was moderate. Nicholas Carr: "Tablet computers were the solution to problems that no one had."

Hardly anyone realized, why should he give up his comfortable notebook keyboard to return with an electromagnetic pen to illegible handwriting. For lacked innovative software for everyone.

For clinic or workshop

"The Tablet PC has not been developed out of its niche," says Verena Bunk, analyst at tech-Consult, a marketing research and consulting firm for the ITKIndustrie. "Currently, Tablet PCs have a market share of one to two percent for mobile devices." They are useful for all market segments in which it holds the PC standing or walking in one hand, to do with the other entries. "This applies to the chief doctor’s visit in the hospital as well as for experts, car rental companies and the logistics industry."

Ruediger Spies, an analyst at IDC Central Europe, can add to the list yet: "For the maintenance of machinery in the plant or in the architectural field, where larger buildings need to be committed, are tablet PCs make sense." Repair services could benefit from it as well: "If the day is on the way to repair washing machines in homes, it can be very useful to all current instructions and guarantees on a handy device to access them."

The new iPad, the two analysts agree: It was more of a player for leisure and entertainment financially private users. But Ruediger Spies a limit: "So you have previously seen the iPhone. Now it keeps growing collection of managers." Even if the use of such a BlackBerrys purely technical sense for they were. Verena also Bunk knows: "Apple has become a status symbol."

Apps for the operation of everyday

The advantages of Tablet PCs in a business environment are listed quickly: He is very easy, and the entry is through the notepad form very natural. The keyboard clatter on the train falls away, the eye contact to the customer is not obscured by a screen of your notebook. The display is larger than a smartphone, and makes managing e-mail and mobile surfing much more pleasant.

The major disadvantage has been that the devices were too expensive, since they could be considered only as a supplement to the existing laptop and smartphone. Since the iPad has been no leap makes the front. There is no telephone, has no webcam and does not offer a USB connection or an integrated card slot. With pen does the touch screen is not what some business people should not find it very elegant. But the biggest weakness, analysts see the lack of handwriting recognition. "In order to fill in forms, that would be very helpful and would expand the scope horizon significantly," said Ruediger Spies.

And of course, Apple Since the iPod, get criticized for that is only offered as a closed system. The operating system only works with applications (Apps) from the AppStore. This offers but at least now more than 140 000 applications for the iPhone, programmers around the world, they just fit for the iPad. To selection of course are also business apps for project management, mind mapping, Banking. Navigation and travel. And this includes the QuickOffice app with which you can open and edit Word and Excel documents. Or just Skype that lets you make phone calls using a wireless access via the Internet. This will be the iPad by software but still the phone.