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Where the chancellor bonus money’s worth


DÜSSELDORF. Peer Steinbrueck is regarded as eloquent speaker – and it is located far forward as his equal. Former Minister of Finance has held this year alone at least 25 paid speeches, at the Volksbank Geest, at the supplier Gelsenwasser, at the accounting firm KPMG. The companies scrambling for him and pay his royal speeches: the speech fees to the SPD politician is estimated by industry experts to up to 20 000 €. Party circles before it makes Steinbrück of course, still nothing.

Whether Peer Steinbrück, Roland Koch, Joschka Fischer – have politicians who once held high office are hot on the market for speakers agencies merchandise. Best: You are just left the first place. "The half-life of a federal politician, is about two to four years," says Tom Fuhrman, head of the Agency Celebrity Speakers (CSA) in Dusseldorf. In that short time they can earn handsomely as speakers at conferences, at anniversaries or expert panels.

In the Steinbrück’schen price category are also men such as former BDI President Hans-Olaf Henkel, former federal Environment Minister Klaus Töpfer. By comparison, the entry fee for a no-name MPs or the upstart from the business is 1 500 euros.

However: There is valid for all events throughout Honorary it. The agencies call you in high amounts. Finally, they want to sell their clients well. However, there are in this business discounts, people talk about only behind closed doors.

True it is expensive when a company hires a politician of the stature of Joschka Fischer: Approximately 35000-50000 € cost a lecture by former Foreign Minister, revealed insiders. This is exceeded only by former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder – his fee should be about twice as high as that of his former deputy.

Even Helmut Kohl and Helmut Schmidt asked regularly by companies for presentations, but now sit off frequently. How will it handle Angela Merkel after their time as Chancellor, is uncertain, but industry leaders are certify a future issue fee, which will move in the price range Schroeder.

This is compared to German class. Can keep up because the U.S. economist and Nobel laureate of 2001, Joseph Stiglitz. He is also a popular speaker in this country, whose presentation salary should be 100 000 €. The world’s most expensive speaker comes naturally from the excessive America: Former President Bill Clinton is said to have already agreed to lecture fees that are beyond the 200 000 mark.

In Germany, shares a dozen agencies, such as Celebrity Speakers Speakers Speakers Ramsauer and management of the market among themselves. They position themselves as providers of so-called premium speakers, or as specialists, for example, provide the motivational speaker. After a difficult year 2009, in which many orders were canceled, growls back the deal.

For it must not necessarily be a former federal politician or economist world, if you want to revamp the company party. Felix Esser, managing director of the Speakers’ Bureau referendum in Bergisch Gladbach, a trend already seen the "diversification" Ten years ago, were always the same "five to ten gray eminences from business and politics" was requested. Now, even top athletes, religious studies or sustainability experts are in demand. They’re cheaper, they usually cost less than EUR 10 000.

Companies want to be the "soft skills" to stress: extreme sports, such as the sailor Jochen Schuemann or climbing brothers Alexander and Thomas Huber are to bridge the gap between their achievements and drab office day. "Look, this is possible, do it for you!" Esser describes the required speech patterns.

Also great in the race: The "creates Germany away" by the book by Thilo Sarrazin sparked debate on migration. Only they can not mean in the glossy brochures of the organizers so and must be renamed to "demographic change" or "immigration society of the future". This sounds less polemical. Sarrazin will also be asking themselves ever as a speaker, agency head knows eaters, even though the company did not initially come out with quite the name of the self-proclaimed experts on migration. But Esser reassured: his fee request is moving "no way out of the box".

These are often the television talk shows by Anne Will, Maybrit Illner and Sandra Maischberger, serve as the application rounds for the speech staff. For agencies know: Who is Sunday night in the battle of words with "Anne Will" good beats, is on Monday morning like to be confirmed by the customer. "The companies register exactly the effect that reached a speaker in such a round," said CSA chief Fuhrman.

Scrupulously observed also, who appears in which TV formats. When joined in the dance about one Heide Simonis, the sensationalistic RTL show "Let’s Dance", then not only know inside that is not the price of the former mother country of Schleswig-Holstein is just high. Or Hans Eichel: If I do any other time, it is said behind closed doors, will perhaps again, the former Finance Minister of the red-green coalition requested. But it does not exist for free, his lecture salary should be at least 8000 €.

All of you – whether politicians, managers and scientists – do like to be on the list of speakers lucrative agencies in Germany. Just know there is none.