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Which companies are traded in Value


Company with a strong family behind to beat on the stock market in the short and long term better than the rest of the show as the stock market indices Gex ( German Entrepreneurial Index ) and considers his successor "Dax plus Family " both for several months and years. Possible Cause: The dominant and long -term strategy of the family prevails over the many shorter-term individual interests.

Measuring the family-run company but their balance sheet ratios and earnings prospects , its stock prices only develop below average. The discount rate is around ten percent. That is, would at the same assessment and without a discount include the stock market indices , the family-run businesses to develop even better.

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# 10 : Bechtle

The valuation of a company can use the enterprise value ( enterprise value / EV ) measure to EBITDA. The EBITDA (earnings before interest , taxes , depreciation and amortization ) indicates how many years does it take for a company earned an operating profit before interest , depreciation and investment company value (= market capitalization plus debt , minus cash) .

The ratio EV / EBITDA Bechtle AG is 6,7, Anchor shareholder Karin Schick, which holds 34.3 percent of the shares in the company.

9th place : Wacker Chemie Given the strong growth in alternative energy and the competitive advantages of Wacker Chemie is among analysts that they are still in the "Top Picks "sector. The EV / EBITDA of the Munich to bläuft 6,2. The main shareholder is the Wacker family , which owns over 50 percent of company stock .

Seat 8: Douglas Douglas Holding AG is active in addition to the perfume industry in the book trade and in business, jewelry, fashion and confectionery. Anchor shareholder of the Group is of the August Oetker Oetker Group with a share of 25.8 percent. The EV / EBITDA Douglas Holding AG is 6,1.

Seat 7: Solar World According to the Swiss investor portal Stocks , Solar World stock investors have so far not brought too much. However, the titles are relatively cheap and evaluated with a long investment horizon certainly worth a purchase . Just was undoubtedly also the founder and head of the Bonn-based company Frank Asbeck. As an anchor shareholder , he holds 25.1 percent of the company. In a EV / EBITDA of 6,0 is the hope of rising prices are not unjustified.

Seat 6: Drägerwerk As a provider of medical and safety technology is one of the Drägerwerk AG has long been the flagship of the typical German middle class. Stefan Dräger now the fifth generation of the family is at the helm. The 45 -year-old is at the same anchor shareholder with a stake in the company of 68.4 percent. The EV / EBITDA of which was founded 120 years ago as a shop and workshop operating company shall be 5,8.

Seat 5: Continental The financially strapped auto supplier Continental wants to tap into with two other bonds, the capital market. According to chief financial officer Wolfgang Schaefer emissions is planned up to 1.25 billion euros , which will be for 2010 but the last. The EV / EBITDA The Group is 5,8, Anchor shareholder in the sensational over the Schaeffler family with 42.2 percent share ownership.

Seat 4: Thyssen -Krupp According to experts , the global steel demand is at record levels and will remain high next year . Good prospects for the German industrial group Thyssen – Krupp. Its EV / EBITDA is 5,7, Anchor shareholder Alfried Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach Foundation, which holds 25.3 percent of the company.

3rd place: Centrotherm Centrotherm builds equipment for global solar companies . A 150 -million – dollar project in Qatar is to promote the company from Blaubeuren near Ulm on the World Group for the international photovoltaic industry. Centrotherm EV / EBITDA is 5,3, 50.5 per cent stake in the enterprise has a family of company president Robert Hartung.

2nd: SMA Solar A few days ago told the TecDax listed SMA Solar from Niestetal in Kassel that the four founders have transferred a portion of their shares within their families to the next generation. In addition to the founders of the second anchor shareholder in the SMA Solar Pool. Together they hold 72.9 percent of company documents. The EV / EBITDA is 4,8.

1st place: QSC Rated lowest in the small telecom rival QSC. Measured by EV / EBITDA of 2,7 It should be the Cologne group in less than three years , manage to earn his own the operating business goodwill. Anchor shareholders are the founders and private equity firm Baker Capital. Together they hold 44.8 percent of the group shares .