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Why does it sometimes gives no quarter more


Bei einer falschen Spesenabrechnung reagiert manches Unternehmen 
mit einer Kündigung. Quelle: dpa

With a false expense report some companies responded with a denunciation. Source: Reuters

HB Düssledorf. All of a sudden more and more businesses discover how important they considered their garbage. And that their confidence in their long-time employees lose when they take something that was just intended for that purpose. Theft of half-eaten burgers are, calm ravioli, used cardboard boxes or discarded children’s toys was the allegation. Almost inflationary increase in recent months, the number of such cases, the first court gave the company still right. Although not even criminal charges have been refunded. But slowly germinated suspected that the company actually wanted to save only the compensation for employees who wanted to get rid of them anyway.

Really? Maybe not in family businesses and medium-sized. It is difficult sometimes irrational, "says employment lawyer Jan Tibor Lelley. Here, the owners often have" a very clear feeling from having each box on the farm is his. "