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Wild Hunt in the old district


Peter Löw während seiner Zeit bei Arques: Der Ex-Vorstandschef und Aktionär rechnet mit dem Vorstand ab.

Peter Loew during his time at Arques : The Ex – CEO and shareholder accounts with the Board.

MUNICH . Such moments in love with a Peter Löw. With a broad chest , he runs through the lobby , the blue eyes flashed proudly and aggressively. Unnoticed, he has snuck up once again , only at the last minute he jumped from his hiding place – and ends up as a complete surprise to the general meeting of the investment Arques. The company , founded by Loew was once a stock market star and now fights for survival. Because Löw had pumped up with a lot of hot air, to then make before the crash with heavy bags from the dust , say his critics. Because his followers are worthless and have sold off goodwill , he says himself

His goal: to oust the board. In a spectacular first step , he managed yesterday to prevent the election of Supervisory Board Chairman Georg Obermeier , on the control panel and to be elected to the post itself . Obermeier was previously only ordered by the court. After Löws intervention , a large majority voted against Obermeier . Instead, drew a lion and faithful in the body. For the incumbent board could mean the end.

Also for the business policy is likely to have far-reaching consequences of revolt . Arques Gigaset is just before the sale of his most important contribution. With the sale of Europe’s largest handset maker is endangering the existence a confrontation with the owner Siemens be terminated. A contract was still possible in September , announced CEO Hans Gisbert Ulmke shortly before the meeting.

Ulmke been trying for some time to clean up the investment portfolio and the company economically depressed again to miss a serious image . have an " attractive investment portfolio " is now back , "he said yesterday at the shareholder meeting – only the problem with Siemens must be resolved. This is exactly what will prevent Loew. He fears that with Gigaset "again an asset could be sold at a knockdown price. " He is convinced that more is get from the sale.

Actually, Loew has set up long ago a new fund . With BluO the investor has indicated that after several hundred million euros recruited. With a portion of the money he took over as the Adler fashion stores and the chain of workshops Pit Stop. The lieutenant colonel of the reserve , diver and pilot is always on the lookout for risky and rewarding business.

At Arques Loew had been adopted three years ago , sold his shares. On the Road to Santiago in Spain, he made it, enjoyed the time with their five children , and made gold shops . But buy the business model – companies and corporate divisions cheap, renovate and sell high excited – but then it too much.

Who thought , however, have with Löw BluO also with the final chapter Arques completed, is now faced deceived. Previous ArquesSupervisory Board Chairman Michael Judis he has brought to the meeting – also was elected to the Board by a large majority. Added to the Munich lawyer still joined by Hubertus Prinz zu Hohenlohe- Langenburg, the Judis proposed as the new chief inspector .

The coup attempt, he was well prepared. Just under one percent of ArquesLoew has bought shares and further support by the only presumably ArquesMajor shareholder , the U.S. Fund Oppenheimer secured .

What will become of the Gigaset – sale? Completely open. The negotiations with the interested Novero – the successor company of NokiaPlant in Bochum – are well advanced. No wonder the atmosphere was extremely tense at the AGM . " The point is cursed to bring this company forward, " then broke it out of the supervisory board ousted chief Georg Obermeier .

Loew also got off his fat. A smart ass and called him a Pied Piper shareholder. But the company did not make hunters feel that touched him so.


1960 Löw , Peter , 21 October at Ludwigshafen born.

1985 he concludes from his law studies in Freiburg, four years later he completed his studies in history .

1991 He saddles an MBA from the elite school Insead in Fontainebleau , he began his career at McKinsey .

1993 Loew based rehabilitation system copy holding company in Munich.

2002 He emphasizes the participation of company Arques of day.

2007 He comes back as manager. He then founded the fund BluO .

2009 he buys Arques the news agency ddp on .