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Winter Bargains start with 30 to 50 percent discount


When the sales begin Saturday, will buy between 30 and eager 50 percent discount. That teaches a survey of Fedis, Unizo and NSZ. Since January 3rd falls on a Sunday, the bargains start one days earlier. Most shops will also open Sunday.

The result of the past winter has been mixed. In the fashion and footwear chains there was a moderate annual sales increase of 1 percent, said federation Fedis distribution. There will stretch thus somewhat army.

Many choices
In the smaller fashion stores will start at the bargains more choice. A survey of 400 retailers shows a decline in sales, according Localization of about 1 percent annually for the past winter. The NSZ speaks of a small decline.

A year earlier, showed the survey still Unizo -3.8 percent. "We hope that this will be the turnaround," said Luc Andries. Previously, the decrease during the summer has narrowed.

Winter Clothing
Typical winter things were hanging in the stores, "but the cold of the last few days have made for a catch. To really difficult to understand, it was too late," says Fedis. "The winter peak of last week was the relatively mild autumn and winter offset", states in the NSZ.

The dealers joined Unizo say 30 to 40 percent discount to give the weekend. In the NSZ is also approximately 30 percent. Fedis expects 30 to 50 percent discount. (belga / adb)