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With soup pots into the fray


When the riots in Cairo, hundreds of people were injured, mainly by throwing stones. Some demonstrators protect themselves therefore with homemade "Helmets" out of buckets, plastic bottles, paving stones – or even cooking pots.

Hamburg – It is the eleventh consecutive day of protest: In Cairo, demonstrating again tens of thousands of opponents of President Hosni Mubarak and demand the immediate resignation of the President. "We do not leave until our demands are met," they cried in chorus. The rally is themed "day of departure"


Even the scenery is peaceful – but in recent days it has in the center of Cairo, where violent street battles, as pro-regime thugs clashed with opposition activists. Several people were killed and hundreds injured. Mainly by stones suffered many protesters head injuries.

Therefore, some government opponents are now protecting themselves with makeshift homemade "Helmets", as seen in photos from Cairo: One is bound with a cloth, a paving stone on the head, another empty plastic bottles. Yet another has a plastic mesh basket placed over his head. Another listening to the rally with his arms folded – on the head with a silver pot. See the photo gallery:



Protest in Egypt: With soup pots on their heads

Egyptian Defense Minister Mohammed Hussein Tantawi was found on Friday morning at the Tahrir Square. "The army and the people are united," shouted protesters as the news spread among the people. What Tantawi said the soldier was not known. It was the first time since the mass protests that a minister visited the place.

Many opponents camped overnight on the Tahrir Square

The army surrounded the square with tanks and armored vehicles and erected barbed wire barriers. At the access people have been let through only a narrow checkpoint, so that a long queue formed. The protesters had to show their identity cards and bags, during Friday prayers, the atmosphere was relaxed.


Many protesters had waited overnight in the square, although the Army and the Vice President had asked them to leave. The soldiers had begun in the morning to remove barricades of Mubarak’s opponents, which they had built to defend against armed government supporters. In the violent clashes in the past two days were at least ten people killed and 800 injured.

The organizers of the mass demonstration on Friday called for a memorial march to Tahrir Square, the building of state television and the Parliament. Witnesses said that Mubarak supporters stopped cars on the main road from Alexandria to Cairo in order to prevent the opposition from taking part in the demonstration.

Mubarak had said the night before in an interview with U.S. television channel ABC, said he refused to resign, because this would lead to chaos.