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With the Sharia to Twitter links


DÜSSELDORF. So-called URL-Shortener, ie web addresses shortener have cryptic names like is.gd, Bit.ly or vb.ly. The exotic domain names are – as their name suggests – to transform the often long and complicated web addresses into more easily usable bites.

But this has its pitfalls, for behind the exotic domain extensions are the spaces of states with some anything but liberal Internet laws. The popular for URL Shortener ending ". Ly ‘is, for example Gaddafi’s Libya. And the government of the State eccentric leader has had vb.ly off now, as the Operator to tell. The justification of the competent authority: the content referenced by the abbreviated links vb.ly would contradict the Sharia.

Twitter messages that are used vb.ly so now unreadable – it is not possible to find out which side they referred. Twitter itself should also attract the attention of the news: The official appointed by Twitter URL Shortener bit.ly, with the web addresses are automatically reduced in part, is also in the Libyan domain space. It should be much safer to use a domain name extensions from countries where the introduction of Sharia law currently is not on the agenda -. Is.gd gd of Grenada is, for example, according to Wikipedia, to 99.8 percent Christian.

However, URL-services are threatened not only by religious laws. Back in September, u.nu be a service – Are volunteers. The makers of the service regretted that their service would be frequently abused by spammers in order to disguise spam addresses. However u.nu old addresses still work after all.

Viral Sarrazinade

The short message service Twitter provides transparency: on the micro blogging platform chats so many high-ranking personality publicly about things they would herausredigieren from each interview. This is not always without consequences, as recently in the case of MDR-director Udo Reiter.

During the speech by President Christian Wulff, the Day of German Unity riders following joke on slid Twitter out: "Einheitstag 2030: President Mohammed Mustafa called on Muslims to respect the rights of the German minority." What was in the familiar round the pub raised more than a frown may, on Twitter storm set in motion a whole – and so it happened. After the journalist Mario Sixtus had discovered the dubious wit, he was retweetable hundreds of times, so other Twitter users spread.

Only about half an hour later, the MDR-Director responded in the face of protest with an apology – but because it was too late. In the end, riders no choice other than to sarcastically thank Sixtus and all others. Already last year, author and Internet-life artists Sascha Lobo added to the Blogger Conference Republica Twitter-suffering victims of survival tips. With all the loose talk on Twitter should also never be forgotten: it’s a public and high viral medium. The more controversial the statement and the more prominent the person, the faster the spread.

Facebook releases the data

Well, at last: Facebook gives users more control over their own data – And it can now also true that users can download it and take it, so to speak. This now allows Facebook finally, what is Google as the initiator of Data Liberation Front has committed a long time.

Many Groupon entrepreneurs say "never again"

The online discount applies Groupon service for over a year as one of the hottest trends on the Web. Especially for customers of the service pays off the Groupon who acquire some huge discounts. Are less satisfied, however apparently many participating companies. After a cafe-owner related had filed their suffering, Which claims to have lost thousands of dollars Groupon, researchers wanted to know from the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business detail. The outcome is likely to deter many entrepreneurs: At least 40 percent of the surveyed Groupon participants said: never again, citing the Wall Street Journal the result of the study.

Information, there are many in the Internet age – and for all, anywhere, anytime. But who is there to keep in the know? More and more often is lacking in a society full of formal transparency in the processing of information. How information is processed so that they are easily detectable, shows for years the highly acclaimed blog Information is beautiful. Another outstanding example is the interactive political donations Graphic of Gregor Aisch, Which was compiled from publicly available sources. Donations are visualized flows over 50 000 € in Germany’s political parties.