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XETRA-MITTAG/Fester – Export demand values


2010-06-28_Mittag FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – Fixed tend German shares on Monday afternoon, and thus have the profits from the early expansion of business . Trader talk of a recovery from the losses of the preceding week. (Photo : German stock exchange)

The provisions of the US- based markets somewhat. The G- 20 summit in Toronto have set no significant trends . The Heads of State and Government had reached agreement on goals , although the deficit reduction, said a dealer. These are neither mandatory nor the short term could be assessed whether they were reachable. The DAX increased by 13.00 clock by 0.9% or 53 points to 6124 .
Business is rather quiet here , which is likely in the afternoon continue. From the United States stand with the personal income and expenditure and the Chicago Fed National Activity Index rather second-rate economic data. In technical terms , the DAX meet at about 6160 points on a first resistance , a dealer to see support around 6030 points.
When asked , the export values and especially the automobile stocks that are discovered as profiteers of the pickup in economic activity and weakness of the euro. Daimler gain 2 % to 42.86 EUR , BMW 2.4% to 41.31 EUR .
The banking sector also places to grow. This is justified by the agreement on banking regulation in the U.S.. This had not been as strict as a whole is concerned . Moreover, it is in the G – 20 summit has become clear that there would be in response to the financial crisis, not a global tax on the banking sector, which have indeed already been considered unlikely. increase by German Bank 1.8% to 47.96 EUR .
A positive assessment traders also Aareal Bank. The company wants to pay back money from the State Support Fund SoFFin prematurely. "This is a precondition for a resumption of dividend payments , "said one dealer. Aareal increase by 3.5% to 14,35 EUR .
Infineon also are in demand. Dealers refer to a report in the Financial Times Germany ( FTD) , according to the Russian Sistema intends to acquire 29 % stake in the group of technology companies. Following discussions at the governmental level would give the Chancellor’s Office now , the "FTD ". "We are not in talks with Sistema , " a spokesman said , however, the DAX Group at the request of Dow Jones Newswires. One analyst called the start of Sistema as short-term seems unlikely. Infineon to increase by 2.5% to 5.08 EUR .
Rate for German Telekom slightly negative , however, the dealer development for marketing the iPhone in Germany. According to " focus " Apple is negotiating with two competitors on the use . Telekom tend unchanged. Contrast, dialogue as a potential winner of the sales success seen the new iPhone, as the company benefits as a component supplier . The share rise by 5.5 % to 10.08 EUR . , Q-Cells and SolarWorld respond with significant losses on the other hand, a variation on " Sell " by Goldman Sachs

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