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XETRA-SCHLUSS/Abgaben in banking stocks make slight decline for


2010-09-10_schluss FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – With a slight negative has ended , the German stock market trading on Friday , where the business is run long distances very quietly. Market participants pointed to the losses in the banking sector, which would have prevented a stronger recovery . "Before the weekend there has been hardly any new news, " said a dealer. Also groundbreaking economic data were scarce. (Photo : German stock exchange)

The DAX lost 0.1% or 7 points to 6215 . Poor were the transactions: Traded were in DAX Xetra titles about 94.0 (previous day : 102.0 ) million shares worth approximately 2.96 (previous day : 2.81 ) billion EUR.
The main topic was the speculation about a possible capital increase of EUR 9 billion at Deutsche Bank, which was by the institution itself does not yet commented. At the beginning of next week could be known details , it said. "The volume is surprisingly high , "said one market participant. " For the German Postbank could actually only 4 billion to EUR 4.5 billion have been necessary , the rest seems to prepare for Basel III, and the problem cases in German Postbank and Sal Oppenheim to be , "added the trader .
German Bank lost 4.6%, 47,70 EUR , for the German Postbank , it was declined by 4.8% to 27.04 EUR up. Commerzbank gave again by 2.5 % to 6.29 EUR . "If the greatest reach in the industry already so deeply in the pocket must be , one may not even imagine what ‘s going on in the other , "said a dealer development. Among the losers were found also Beiersdorf. J.P. Morgan had lowered the shares to " Underweight "after previously "neutral ". Beiersdorf fell by 1 % to 43.50 EUR .
On the winning side, however, Daimler stood with an increase of 1.6% to 43.78 EUR after the board of the truck division , the EBIT forecast of approximately EUR 1 billion was confirmed in 2010. The commercial vehicle sector thanks to the current growth rates could again look positively into the future, it also said . The significant increase in sales from VW for August were a success and attract caused the stock by 2.8 % to 87.78 EUR .
" Tidy, after the Lufthansa figures for the previous day but no price driver anymore, " one dealer said , given the traffic figures for August by Fraport . With regard to the development at Frankfurt Airport rose by market participants , the increase of 6.6 % within a year in passenger out positive. Growth rates of over 6% enabled the airport , the upper edge of one’s own outlook to achieve. The shares closed virtually unchanged with 42.34 EUR .
Kontron was the strongest value in the TecDAX , which justified the market participants with long pent-up potential of trending below average title. A recommendation of the " joint-stock exchange " from the house Bernecker promoted the recovery. Kontron advanced by 4.7 % before to 6.38 EUR .

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