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Green-red and Stuttgart 21: Much money, little station – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

Stuttgarter Hauptbahnhof: Unterirdische Debatte

Green-Red was found near Stuttgart, 21, a compromise formula. But if the project fails, will train no choice: it must sue for damages in the billions. Then it is really expensive for Baden-Württemberg – and the country still has no good station.

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Hamburg – In the solution of problems similar to Rüdiger Grube Chancellor Angela Merkel: The Railway boss thinks conflicts from the end. He wonders how a solution will look like in the face of opposing views does play, his options through – and usually opts for the alternative that he considers most reasonable.

This pattern was mine, even after the state elections in Baden-Wuerttemberg. With the Greens the most widely respected anti-Stuttgart-21 team has won the election, it is sufficient for a majority but only with the We-are-in principle-by-the-underground-station-SPD.

The train chief was clear that both parties would find, given their differences in a Formula compromise that postponed the final decision on the massive infrastructure project. Accordingly, he did not believe in simply continue building to run so with a thick head against a wall in doubt even thicker. Also, a muddling through for him was not a viable alternative. The railway would then have to put under-take further potter above ground to prevent it from striking.

More cooperation than confrontation

Mine thought it was tactically wise to send a signal of cooperation. He explained why End of March, a de facto building freeze. Without losing anything really – except for a few million and pleasant side effect, the bogeyman role – was able to show the manager that you can talk to him about almost everything.

By 12 May, the day is to be elected at the Winfried Kretschmann in Stuttgart for the first Green Prime Minister manages the Group no new facts. According to the company by incurring a cost of 10 to 20 million €. Peanuts with a 4.5-billion-euro project.

In two weeks the deadline expires. In the future the railway will put more on cooperation than confrontation. "We will not build Stuttgart 21 when the state government, the project will not partout" – this sentence can not top web quote officially to hear he is on the upper floors of the headquarters in Berlin, though.

Baden-Wuerttemberg have to pay the costs themselves

However, the compromise has its price. First, will the web has a rapid "Hopp oder Top" – decision. By its own calculations, a one-year stop the building costs already up to 400 million euros. That doing nothing is more expensive, has a simple background: Because the construction work is more complex, increasing the number of highly doped orders.

Second, Grube’s motto is: who blows off Stuttgart 21, is possible down to the last cent to pay for the damage. He could also say: "Dear government, give us 1.5 billion euros, and we put everything together good." This lush amount invested by the Railway claims to already in the project.

It is made up as follows:

  • In 2001, the company huge Railway land to the City of Stuttgart sold. Price when 420 million euros. At the same time, the Group undertook to free the region by 2012. There will establish a new urban district. If the Stuttgart main station in the future instead of running under the ground, the tracks are soft but not worldwide. The railway would have to buy back the land – but pay according to the contract an additional 5.5 percent interest per year. That would be 2012 – an unwelcome effect of compound interest – already 720 million euros.
  • So far, the path around 600 million euros in the Planning and construction invested Stuttgart 21 and the new route to Ulm. At least the cost of the underground station would reclaim the car.
  • In addition, the group from a municipal airport Construction cost subsidy in the amount of 100 million euros obtained. That he would have to pay back.
  • Join Other costs – Including further land purchases – which by the company on 100 to 200 million € be quantified.

It’s quite possible that the calculated path of its more than 1.5 billion € zurückbekäme not in its entirety. charged that the country in a withdrawal from the project damages of at least one billion euros would have to apply, however, as identified by experts.

application and in all probability would have to Baden-Württemberg that amount alone. Because the country can not even get out of the mega-projects actually. The contracts include a clause is not available. Not even in the event that the government changes or the causes of the dispute agreed stress test for the station further costs.

The whole thing is even more complicated. About Stuttgart 21 monitors, a steering committee, sitting in the train, the federal government, the country, the city of Stuttgart and the Stuttgart region, several financiers of the project. This body can make decisions only by unanimity. This also applies to off – the negative attitude future green prime minister out, Possible results of a stress test and a referendum ago.

Mine can not do otherwise

Wanted to get off the land, it would have the consent of the other parties – particularly by train – buy expensive. This would have quite absurd. Currently share the cost of Stuttgart 21 in the amount of 4.1 billion EUR roughly as follows:

  • German Railways: 1.47 billion euros
  • Association: 1.23 billion euros
  • Country: 820 million euros
  • City of Stuttgart: 240 million euros
  • Stuttgart Airport: 230 million euros
  • Verband Region Stuttgart: 100 million €

    That formula means: Should this country a billion euros to pay compensation, this would be more expensive for the red-green government as a construction of Stuttgart 21 You would have paid big money, but no new station.

    Exit costs of 1 to 1.5 billion euros also mean: Will the cost of the project at the current maximum estimated 4.5 billion euros, is accrued to a third of the total already. And there are the expenses for the recovery of Status quo ante in the center of the town, and the income restoration of the terminus station, not even counted.

    And whether the green-red bill, "No Stuttgart 21, yes to the new route to Ulm is a success is questionable. Because their connection to the terminal station is not even begin to secure. Not to mention the cost entirely.

    The hope that the web is still some way back down, is also deceptive. That CEO mine lives in Stuttgart and the company is still 100 percent in federal ownership, is – although it is obvious – no help.

    With a bit of local color and a little "left State pocket, right pocket state" the problem will not be solved. The railway is a public company that is 100 percent owned by the federal government. And the CEO of a corporation is – as Chancellor and Minister to the country – committed to prevent harm to the company.

    Mine would enter a deal at the expense of the railway, saying that is the future prime minister, "Come on, we blow pays 21 from Stuttgart, and the path to foot the bill," he would probably not only loose his job as CEO. He would at worst damage claims threaten.

  • Merkel and Sarkozy want to strengthen confidence in the euro

    2011-01-18_Euro_ddp BRUSSELS (Dow Jones) – Germany and France want to create a competitiveness pact to coordinate economic policy a solid foundation for the euro. (Photo: Reuters)

    Germany and France are determined that 2011 will be the year of the new confidence for the euro, Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a joint press statement with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the sidelines of the EU summit in Brussels. Both sides wanted to explain their ideas to its EU partners over lunch.

    Germany and France did not adopt the euro as the currency defense, but make clear "that the euro is a political project," said Merkel. In addition to emergency mechanism and financial stability Facility this meant closer economic cooperation to the common competitiveness increase. Yardstick must in each case the be a member state, meets the conditions best. Your goal is that we can prove within a year of very specific points that we take seriously and are serious about such a pact, said the Chancellor.

    Sarkozy said France would go along with Germany a new step and provide a structural response by the economic policy will become more integrated with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of economies.

    The President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, is now mandated by the Member States of the euro area, drawing up such a Wettbwerbsfähigkeitspakt in consultation with them and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. The leaders of non-euro countries will be involved in the process. Decisions will be taken at the spring summit in March. All observers should be understood throughout the world, then, that the European economies move towards convergence, "said the French president.

    The Euro States also confirm in a joint statement that they want to communicate the March summit to strengthen the support fund EFSF and on the design of a permanent crisis mechanism (ESM). Even then, the modalities, such as interest rate and maturity of loans for Greece and Ireland are discussed. Commission and the ECB will also present an evaluation of the € States has taken so far consolidation steps.

    CDU and FDP put pressure on Schäuble

    dne / sig / HB BERLIN. A conversation with Mr. Schäuble financial expert of the coalition parties on Monday brought no breakthrough. Participants said Schäuble insisted that the package would be early next year increased from 920 to 1000 €.

    If necessary, the CDU and FDP in the Bundestag will now implement against the will of Schäuble the higher fee. Union Group Vice Michael Meister (CDU) and the financial expert of the FDP parliamentary group, Volker Wissing, assume that the discharge end is fully effective retroactively for 2011. After the fractions are Wissing words "enforce all the strength that the increase in the lump sum workers in 2011 can be fully utilized" with. In view of the resistance Schäuble Wissing said: "If two coalition partners agree, then everyone knows what is at the end are in the Gazette."

    The increase in the lump sum is the central part of the proposed tax simplification law. The standard amount saves taxpayers the detection of individual receipts for the costs they have to spend to secure their purchase. These include such issues for their work clothes or her to work.

    Participants felt that Schäuble did not listen to reason and insisted that the package would be raised until 2012. The reason he had cited technical problems. Schäuble also wanted to avoid an additional burden on the federal budget this year. The increase in the lump sum costs the state about 330 million euros a year. Overall, the Tax Simplification Act, a volume of 585 million euros.

    The report submitted by Schäuble bill with the deadline of 1 January 2012 was met in the fractions from the CDU and FDP with harsh criticism. Even on weekends Chancellor Angela Merkel a quick settlement of the dispute had been promised.

    FDP General Secretary Christian Lindner said his party expected this week a solution. All that is technically feasible should, by 1 January 2011 enter into force retroactively. Citizens would then profit from next year’s tax return for 2011 of them. Linder pointed out that had been raised for tax simplification, the tobacco tax. "If you can not rely on promises, could not work a coalition," he said, "We can not show us yet."

    Unions in the Group’s position Schauble met with incomprehension, since it hardly admit differences. Union Group Vice Michael Meister told Reuters, first, the Cabinet will decide on the bill. Then, in parliamentary procedures house keeping, technically and constitutionally tested, could connect the parts into force retroactively.

    The Tax Simplification Act provides for a total of 41 measures by the citizens and business shall be relieved of bureaucracy. For example, should the child care costs can be deducted in future more easily from the tax. In addition, the children’s money to the income test waived with adult children. Who turns on the way to work using his car and public transport should also be exempt from the requirement for a daily record of its costs.

    With other issues related CDU and FDP do not mix. So go Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere the plans of the Justice Department to go to store phone and Internet data to fight crime does not go far enough. Key elements of the Federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger remained well short of what is permissible under the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court and the EU Directive, Maizieres spokesman Stefan de Paris said in Berlin on Monday. This is neither an effective combating of crime possible or existing protection gap would be closed. Also, the spokesman of the Union Group, Hans-Peter Uhl, criticized the document as inadequate. The proposal does not get so taken with reasonable safety, said the CSU politician "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger".

    In the search for a successor treaty to the Constitutional Court from tilted data retention rejects the FDP politician, an event-free storage of all data, even under strict conditions. Instead, it seeks a freeze of the telecommunications providers already stored information in suspected cases subsequently. A judge could then decide on this "quick freeze" process, whether the data will be unlocked and used. Otherwise they would be deleted.

    The Interior Ministry criticized, however, that data could only be frozen, which are actually stored in the emergence of an outbreak yet. How long the information would, however, kept the matter is each provider. "It can not be that a company A stores 30 days and another company B may be only one or two days," complained Paris. Criminals would then complete their contracts with the security company B.

    Even the German Journalists Association (DJV) expressed skepticism about the proposal. "That would be a retention of light," said DJV-chief Michael Konken. The problem of protecting informants will not be resolved.

    FDP General Secretary Lindner spoke against a very good compromise. The Union had to accept it "as the Attainable in the coalition" and stop putting his party under pressure with maximum demands. The FDP wants a targeted, event-related law, can withstand judicial review, Lindner said after a board meeting. Abiding citizens should not be put under general suspicion.

    The Constitutional Court had tilted in May 2010 with the rule that data were stored six months. The judges criticized in particular, that can be created with the acquired without suspicion phone and Internet data from virtually any citizen of a motion profile.

    Also in the euro debate, there is trouble: The FDP MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis criticized in the debate over a sharp increase in the Euro-emergency parachute, the federal government. "There are also two of the euro in crisis within the Federal Government a standard line," said the FDP Federal Executive Board Member Journal of Commerce Online. "Federal Finance Minister Schäuble follows the Chancellor, although he always thinks differently."

    Chatzimarkakis was however open to the position of President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, for extension of the euro rescue screen (EFSF) is strength. "Trichet has proved to be a stabilizer, has so far his words weight," said the FDP politician. Of course, the ECB chief not a super election year had to overcome. But, he added Chatzimarkakis: "We can not just leave the euro rescue the Chinese who now have access to government issues of the ‘Club Med’."

    As a "Club Med" was once the Mediterranean countries Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece were called. Today they are for their initial "PIIGS referred to – although Ireland is also included, which has also been problematic.

    are ground even for "Elena", the flagship project to reduce bureaucracy in Germany is threatened in a dispute over government powers to. "The uncertain course of the coalition with the electronic payment record companies deeply insecure," says a letter from the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) to the Federal Economics Ministry, the Ministry of Labour and the Chancellor’s Office. The Federal Employment Agency had informed the employer already provides that a start of the project before 1 January 2013 is not more realistic, says the letter continues. The letter is before the Handelsblatt.

    The electronic database is to make 60 million a year payment proofs on paper obsolete. Instead, the evidence, the authorities serve as the basis for the calculation of unemployment benefits, are centrally stored. So far the project is still in the testing phase. According to the Handelsblatt information can Federal Minister Rainer Brüderle (FDP) and Federal Labor Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) can not agree who should in future be responsible for the database.

    Minister Brüderle intention to deliver the lead to the Labor Department, after he had "Elena" criticized as too expensive and bureaucratic. Von der Leyen will not assume jurisdiction only under certain conditions. The important issue for the economy is now in the coalition committee on Thursday of this week again on the agenda.

    Merkel attacked the U.S. and praises China

    HB BERLIN. Germany is hoping that the EU will catch on with the G20 meeting in Seoul with major demands. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble stressed on Wednesday just before their departure that they put on a settlement in the dispute over global imbalances in foreign exchange rates and exports – and the EU have a good chance to prevail with their positions because they speak with one voice .

    The summit preparations had previously overshadowed by a fierce exchange of blows on the right track from the economic crisis. While the U.S. runs an expansionary monetary policy, the U.S. government also criticized the high export surpluses such as Germany and the Chinese policy of keeping the yuan artificially low. Merkel warned that the responses of the major economies must begin when the exit strategy, is unlikely to be too different. Behind this is the fierce attacks as the Europeans, but also many emerging economies of new major economic impulses of the U.S. government.

    "No man can have interest in new bubbles," said Merkel, without the United States to call directly. "Growth in the global economy must be sustainable and lasting than a few years ago." Schäuble stressed that they wanted to help the U.S., given its difficult economic situation. "We are interested in a strong America." But this was not a one-way street. He recalled that the EU had also at the G20 summit in Toronto at that time around to its position, the crisis-induced deficits in half by 2013 again. "Now it becomes clear that Germany is (still) rather than growth engine brake."

    Merkel also made clear where the red lines will be for Germany in the debate in Seoul. "We reject quantified range of acceptable imbalances," she said with a view to U.S. criticism of Germany’s high export surpluses. The competitiveness of different countries should also continue to express the export rates.

    Merkel explicitly praised China’s role. "China tends to be a good companion for our household and € consolidation," she said. The Chinese leaders have shown by investing in Greece and visits to Portugal, that trust in the euro area. "China has a very strong interest in sending out a positive signal from the summit. China needs a sustainable growth."

    The summit will be able to decide a number of important points, said Merkel. These new rules were for the future provision of capital banks. This was "a huge success," said Merkel. The question of how big banks could be handled in an emergency will be decided but probably only in 2011. Importance of a clear mandate einzubiegen in the final phase of the Doha world trade round. "Because the biggest threat to the world economy is currently protectionism."

    Next year it will go under the French presidency of G20 therefore to establish a permanent role for the G20. The outstanding role Merkel for the body of the largest economies sees it, her comment made it clear this issue is the "government, or at least coordination in the world."

    Barack Obama, meanwhile, arrived in Indonesia after his stay in South Korea. In the capital Seoul, he will attend the G20 meeting. Obama defended the recent flood of money the Fed against worldwide criticism. Many countries complain that the flood of liquidity declining exchange rate of the dollar and more on United States goods as an unfair competitive advantage.

    South Korea is the third country to visit the U.S. president on his ten-day Asian trip. He arrived there in the early hours of Thursday (local time) one. Previously, Obama was in India and Indonesia, where he lived as a child four years. During his stay in Jakarta, the U.S. president has sought to relax between America and the Islamic world. both sides had to overcome "suspicion and mistrust," he said on Wednesday in the country with the world’s largest Muslim population. "I made it clear that America is not now nor in the future is at war with Islam," Obama said. It is true but to fight terrorism internationally. He also praised Indonesia’s efforts in the fight against violent extremism.

    During his celebrated speech to about 6000 mostly young audience Obama wove always an individual sentences in Indonesian. Indonesia is a part of him, he said, such as the national language at the beginning of his speech, which turned unusually personal. He remembered the little house where he lived with his family, and the mango tree in front of the door.

    Previously, Obama had visited with his wife Michelle, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. When he lived 1967-1971 in the country is the Istiqlal mosque was still under construction, said the President. The time in Indonesia have helped him to recognize the worth of all people, because there the diversity of religions and peoples, spread over thousands of islands, is particularly large.

    Schäuble-outburst draws withdraw after the

    The spokesman for Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), Michael Offer, has resigned. He moves so that the consequences of the use of the minister with him. The last eruption was a public reprimand and exposure Offers by Schäuble at a press conference last week in Berlin. In a terse announcement Schäuble said on Tuesday, Offer had asked him to release him from his position as speaker of the Minister: "Today, I have complied with this request." Offer has reportedly justified the move saying that he as a press officer did not have the full confidence of the minister.

    On Monday afternoon Schäuble and Offer had again discussed the further cooperation. Offer Schäuble was rebuked last Thursday at a press conference for the tax due on time estimation of distributed documents before the cameras in unusually sharp form. The rude behavior of the minister with a close collaborator with the CDU and FDP had taken care of some severe criticism. In view of the vortex in the media about his performance Schäuble had then declared: "For all the justified anger I may have overreacted." This saw the incident to the government as complete.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and SPD-General Hermann Gröhe had faced Schäuble. The Chancellor had left no doubt about the leadership skills of their staff explained Finance Minister, Angela Merkel. Gröhe said: "We are all human, even if we were excellent as the Minister of Finance does without a doubt."

    Also, the parliamentary secretary of the CDU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Peter Altmaier (CDU) took Schäuble in protection. He was four years Parliamentary Secretary of the Interior Schäuble’s been. The manners Schäuble were "always been marked by great mutual respect" in this time and would be lifted very well against what was sometimes reported by other ministers.

    The biting sarcasm Schäuble meanwhile developed the Internet a big hit. Alone on the video sharing website YouTube to Sunday noon appearance of over 200 000 times was obtained. Also in Berlin, he is a political issue. No wonder, had Schäuble his close associates but before the TV cameras so rebuked rudely that this was not the only coalition partner FDP too much. Even the SPD is outraged and introduces himself Offer.