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EU searches offices of truck manufacturers

MN_PR_TGX_road-01 FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The European Commission has investigated as part of a cartel investigation, the Office of truck manufacturers in several EU countries. (Photo: MAN)

As the Brussels competition watchdog said Tuesday, is to be examined include whether formed cartels or firms abusing their market leading position. As usual, called the EU is not the companies concerned.
The Munich truck maker MAN, however, confirmed that its offices were searched. MAN of the EU have pledged full cooperation, said the MAN SE.

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Salzgitter voting rights Aurubis falls below 25%

2010-12-16_Hauptgebäude_Salzgitter HAMBURG (Dow Jones) – After the Salzgitter AG has not participated in the recapitalization of Aurubis AG, the voting rights of the steel group to the copper producer, has fallen below 25%. (Photo: Salzgitter)

At 14 Salzgitter January, so about 10.22 million shares and thus possessed Aurubis held approximately 22.728% of voting rights, said the Aurubis AG on Tuesday in an announcement. Aurubis had collected last week by issuing about 4.1 million new shares, about 169.6 million EUR.

Website: www.aurubis.com
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EUREX / DAX – Futures solid – U.S. data and S & P -500 drive

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – To the solid , the DAX futures show on Thursday afternoon. Surprisingly good U.S. economic data and the outbreak of the S & P 500 index from its multi-day span sideways move with the German market. The December contract on the DAX futures are up by 16.55 BST clock by 56 points to 6306 .

The daily high is so far in 6348 and the day’s low of 6193.5 points. been Implemented , around 141 200 contracts. The only driving force is probably now the S & P 500, which currently is testing its breakout level at 1150 points. " If they were to break down, it would be a bad sign , "said one trader. The FDAX would then yield strong.

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Allianz still expects 2010 operating profit to EUR 7.2 billion

Diekmann_portrait_02_Allianz LONDON (Dow Jones) – Allianz expects the current year to continue with an operating profit of around EUR 7.2 billion . (Photo : Allianz)

Maximum of EUR 500 million deviation above and below are possible, as the CEO Michael Diekmann ( photo) on Thursday at the Merrill Lynch Banking and Insurance Conference said in London.
The terms of premium income Europe’s largest insurer was well prepared for the period after the financial crisis , Diekmann reiterated previous statements.

Website: www.allianz.com 
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Principal shareholder of cable separates Germany from 15 million shares

2010-05-04_Hauptgebäude_Kabel_Deutschland FRANKFURT ( Dow Jones) – The main shareholder of cable on Thursday , Germany has placed 15 million shares of Germany’s largest cable operator with institutional investors EUR 27.50 per share. (Photo : Cable Germany)

Thus, there are now approximately 55% of the total share capital in free float, such as cable Germany announced on Thursday. Shareholder Cable Holding SA stay with the remaining 45 % is still the largest shareholder of the MDAX Group. The placement was oversubscribed several times.
After the initial public offering of cable Germany Holding AG on 22 March, the principal shareholder voluntarily committed to a six -month holding period for its shares.

Website: www.kabeldeutschland.com 
- By Matthias Karpstein , Dow Jones Newswires, +49 89 55214030 , matthias.karpstein @ dowjones.com
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