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Export boom: German coal power flooded Europe

The German electricity industry has increased its exports considerably. In the first quarter, the exported quantity of information has doubled manager magazine online. Coal-fired power plants are experiencing a real boom – at the expense of relatively cleaner gas power plants.

Hamburg – The German electricity producers flood neighboring countries with ever growing quantities of cheap electricity. In the first quarter of the year, it resulted in a net of about 16 terawatt-hours, such as from calculations of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) shows the present manager magazine online. They are based on data from the Association of European network operators ENTSO-E. In the previous year the amount had amounted to about eight terawatt-hours, according to ISE.

The amount to March this year running from January is about the production of six large power plants that run continuously. For the full year 2012, the export surplus amounted to almost 23 terawatt hours, marking a time record, which is now already in range.

Main reason for the recent increase in exports is the low market price of electricity in Germany. He is just over 40 euros per megawatt hour and resulted from an oversupply of current through the last rapid expansion of renewable energies. In addition, the price of emission allowances in the basement – benefiting the relatively polluting coal power plants.

Coal-fired electricity production grows by a quarter

And so the export increase is apparently solely on the account of additional quantities of coal power. Coal-fired power plants increased their emissions by about 23 percent, as calculations of manager magazine online were based on the ISE figures. Brown coal rose by about 8 percent, while all other fuels produced less than last year, including wind, solar and hydro power.

Dramatic is the situation in gas-fired power plants. Their production fell despite the cold winter by about 16 percent. Utilities such as E.ON had recently reinforced threatened to take gas from power plants, because their economical operation is not currently possible. The German Association of Energy and Water, the situation “with concern” as a spokesperson told Manager Magazine online announced.

According to the BDEW German power plant operators had surplus electricity exported last year, especially in the Netherlands, which therefore reduced their relatively clean gas power plants .

Due to the new figures, the hope of the Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) could smash that the growth in German output of carbon dioxide in the past year has been a one-time setback for the German energy transition.

“This is an outlier in a previously positive development,” Altmaier said.They should “not become a trend.” In 2012, electricity production from coal was increased by 3.4 percent, from brown coal had risen by 5.1 percent.

UPDATE: RWE’s net income up in first quarter of unexpectedly strong

Martin Rapp
FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The energy company RWE has its Profit in first quarter thanks to economic and weather conditions higher energy demand increased more than expected. The first-time inclusion of the Dutch utility Essent contributed to Growth. The Essen Mutual Group reiterated on Wednesday his Forecast of a significant earnings growth for the full year.
Adjusted for special items recurrent net income, the RWE uses as a basis for the declaration of dividends, got into the Months from January to March by more than 15% to EUR 1.74 billion. Dow Jones Analysts surveyed Newswires had expected an average of only 1.67 billion EUR.
According to business communication, electricity sales compared to the Year by 5% and gas sales increased by 31%. This has in the past Essent acquired years contributed. RWE also referred to the increased demand and sees this as a sign of a beginning economic recovery. The attractive consumption also led to a 18% increased generation of the Group.
RWE increased its sales in the first three months rose 5% to 15.3 Billion EUR. Earnings grew disproportionately. Before interest, taxes depreciation and amortization climbed the profit (EBITDA) increased 16% to 3.6 billion EUR. The operating RWE pointed to a growth of 14% to EUR 3 billion. The analysts surveyed had expected around EUR 100 million less.
The net result of all influences, including decreased with almost 11% to EUR 1.56 billion slightly more than by the observers expected. This was, according to RWE the elimination of valuation gains responsible, which in 2009 had driven the result.
Essent contributed to operating income of EUR 281 million a RWE In EUR. Last year was not the acquisition in the figures contain. Moreover, the business in the UK and in Central Eastern Europe and increased earnings. This development could not be extrapolated for the full year, the limited Chief Executive Juergen Grossmann quarterly report.
The electricity production in Germany and the oil and Gas-producing subsidiary Dea yielded higher profits than last year. In that area RWE benefited his own words from lower fuel costs, at the latter by higher oil prices. The commercial sector has, however – as expected by analysts – and cut off their weaker Quartered more than last year’s results.
The RWE Group confirmed on submission of the Erstquartal figures his annual forecast. EBITDA should increase by 5% to 10% are the operating and recurrent net income by each around 5%. This will help reduce costs, compared to the 2010 should be the base year 2006 to EUR 700 million lower. Last year, The Group operating profit of EUR 7.1 billion and a sustainable Net profit of EUR 3.5 billion generated.
A strong start to the year, "analyst Michael depreciated equinet Shepherd the quarterly figures from RWE. They were consistently out better than expected. The good outlook for the full year was quite realistic estimates of the analyst. RWE share up in the first Trading hours by 1.4% to 60.57 EUR for. After initial losses, also The DAX is now turned into the Plus and shows 0.7% stronger.


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Google is now doing well in the current

WASHINGTON HB. The daughter Google Energy would then "the energy costs for Google reduce and control ". A Fercé-speaking representative of a routine operation. About 1,500 U.S. companies have the necessary permits including Alcoa and Wal-Mart.

The request asks Google facilitate also the right, through other activities, "the actual trade on the wholesale market." These services were in related areas such as the transmission and supply of fuel. Take control does not possess Google Plants for electricity production for the market, but only for personal use.

Consumed in the U.S. facilities in information and telecommunications industry every year 120 billion kilowatt hours of electricity. This corresponds to the energy ministry, according to three percent of American electricity consumption. To meet the growing demand, therefore, would need a year, two new power plants will be built.

Leighton won the contract to extend the mining industry over 140 million AUD

SYDNEY (Dow Jones) – The Australian HOCHTIEF subsidiary Leighton will be another year working in the coal mines of the state Company in Queensland, Tarong page. The Contract extension to secure the Group’s mining service contracts over AUD 140 million or the equivalent of EUR 89 million, said the subsidiary of Hochtief AG on Tuesday.
The mine coal is mined, one of the most important Energy sources for electricity production in the Australian state is. Leighton the first time had a contract for services there in 2007 preserved. The extension will now run until December 2011.