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Short Message Service: Twitter wants to take one billion U.S. dollars with IPO

It could be the most spectacular IPO of an Internet company since Facebook. Twitter to make the step onto the dance floor more than a billion dollars. Moreover, the company published its first financial results.

New York – A billion dollars does the short message service Twitter in its planned IPO taking. It said the company in a notification to the supervisory authority SEC . It would thus be the most prominent IPO of an Internet company since the IPO of Facebook in the past year . Twitter wants to list its shares under the symbol tWTR.

At the same time the eight-year-old company gave insight into its financial results. The turnover margin in the first half of 2013 at $ 253.6 million. The bottom line loss of $ 69.3 million fell to. What targeting investors, is the long reach: According prospectus Twitter has more than 215 million active users per month, 100 million used the service even daily, “and the approximate span the globe.” They all wrote about 500 million tweets per day.

An exact date for the IPO does not include the submission to the SEC. Is expected of November. First, Twitter has to convince investors on a so-called road show to invest in the company. The short message service was next to the Wall Street houses Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley,among others, the German bank committed to helping the step onto the dance floor.

Investors will now look at the figures exactly: While Twitter in 2010 had only 28 million in revenue in 2011 there were already 106 million and then 317 million last year. And Twitter continues to grow: in the first half of this year, the company has already made $ 254 million in sales.

However loses Twitter – unsurprisingly for experts – so far money. Alone in the first half of the loss was $ 69 million and the bottom line was almost one and a half times as high as in the previous year. Total collected in the years a decline of over 400 million dollars.

Main source of income of the company is advertising, interspersed in the news stream. Almost two-thirds of the ad revenue coming from mobile devices. However, is offset by high spending on data centers, new products and marketing.

The IPO is expected to create at least one new billionaire: co-founder Evan Williams is the largest shareholder with 12.0 percent. His partner Jack Dorsey, who is the last of the founding trio still active on Twitter, comes to 4.9 percent. The current chief Dick Costolo holds 1.6 percent of the shares.

With the Sharia to Twitter links

DÜSSELDORF. So-called URL-Shortener, ie web addresses shortener have cryptic names like is.gd, Bit.ly or vb.ly. The exotic domain names are – as their name suggests – to transform the often long and complicated web addresses into more easily usable bites.

But this has its pitfalls, for behind the exotic domain extensions are the spaces of states with some anything but liberal Internet laws. The popular for URL Shortener ending ". Ly ‘is, for example Gaddafi’s Libya. And the government of the State eccentric leader has had vb.ly off now, as the Operator to tell. The justification of the competent authority: the content referenced by the abbreviated links vb.ly would contradict the Sharia.

Twitter messages that are used vb.ly so now unreadable – it is not possible to find out which side they referred. Twitter itself should also attract the attention of the news: The official appointed by Twitter URL Shortener bit.ly, with the web addresses are automatically reduced in part, is also in the Libyan domain space. It should be much safer to use a domain name extensions from countries where the introduction of Sharia law currently is not on the agenda -. Is.gd gd of Grenada is, for example, according to Wikipedia, to 99.8 percent Christian.

However, URL-services are threatened not only by religious laws. Back in September, u.nu be a service – Are volunteers. The makers of the service regretted that their service would be frequently abused by spammers in order to disguise spam addresses. However u.nu old addresses still work after all.

Viral Sarrazinade

The short message service Twitter provides transparency: on the micro blogging platform chats so many high-ranking personality publicly about things they would herausredigieren from each interview. This is not always without consequences, as recently in the case of MDR-director Udo Reiter.

During the speech by President Christian Wulff, the Day of German Unity riders following joke on slid Twitter out: "Einheitstag 2030: President Mohammed Mustafa called on Muslims to respect the rights of the German minority." What was in the familiar round the pub raised more than a frown may, on Twitter storm set in motion a whole – and so it happened. After the journalist Mario Sixtus had discovered the dubious wit, he was retweetable hundreds of times, so other Twitter users spread.

Only about half an hour later, the MDR-Director responded in the face of protest with an apology – but because it was too late. In the end, riders no choice other than to sarcastically thank Sixtus and all others. Already last year, author and Internet-life artists Sascha Lobo added to the Blogger Conference Republica Twitter-suffering victims of survival tips. With all the loose talk on Twitter should also never be forgotten: it’s a public and high viral medium. The more controversial the statement and the more prominent the person, the faster the spread.

Facebook releases the data

Well, at last: Facebook gives users more control over their own data – And it can now also true that users can download it and take it, so to speak. This now allows Facebook finally, what is Google as the initiator of Data Liberation Front has committed a long time.

Many Groupon entrepreneurs say "never again"

The online discount applies Groupon service for over a year as one of the hottest trends on the Web. Especially for customers of the service pays off the Groupon who acquire some huge discounts. Are less satisfied, however apparently many participating companies. After a cafe-owner related had filed their suffering, Which claims to have lost thousands of dollars Groupon, researchers wanted to know from the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business detail. The outcome is likely to deter many entrepreneurs: At least 40 percent of the surveyed Groupon participants said: never again, citing the Wall Street Journal the result of the study.

Information, there are many in the Internet age – and for all, anywhere, anytime. But who is there to keep in the know? More and more often is lacking in a society full of formal transparency in the processing of information. How information is processed so that they are easily detectable, shows for years the highly acclaimed blog Information is beautiful. Another outstanding example is the interactive political donations Graphic of Gregor Aisch, Which was compiled from publicly available sources. Donations are visualized flows over 50 000 € in Germany’s political parties.

India threatens to Google and Skype

Skype ist in Indien ins Visier geraten. Quelle: dpa

Skype has been in India targeted. Source: AP

HB SINGAPORE . A senior representative of the Authority completed at least the world’s largest search engine providers such as Google and the Internet phone service Skype is not enough. Industry sources said the government has also in particular the Short Message Service in its sights.

One of the two major industry associations for internet provider confirmed that the government was already in mid-July to greater control of traffic BlackBerrys have understood only as a first step. During a meeting with telecommunications authorities have also massive criticism of government officials and Skype Google expressed , "said the President of the Association , Rajesh Chharia , the Financial Times.

The paper said the concerns were directed primarily against the text message service providers . Skype is majority owned by an investor group led by Silver Lake and a Canadian pension funds. The former parent eBay has the sale last year but still retain the shares. ‘ Where do have reservations on grounds of national security, wants the government to have access , the government officials Reuters said. "Every country has the right to intervene legally. "

India has the BlackBerryManufacturers Research in Motion a time limit to 31 August is set to address the security concerns of the country. If the smartphone maker so far no solution has presented , government sources said , the short message service of the BlackBerry off.

RIM said he was optimistic about reaching an agreement. The Canadian company reaffirmed its IT system to corporate customers under the name BlackBerry Enterprise Server is marketed , would not be affected. But he was ready to open its services to residential customers in compliance with the applicable requirements for the competition . Encryption is the core of the BlackBerrySecurity system , the RIM for business a competitive advantage over Apple or Nokia has procured . The data will be encrypted when sending , making them unreadable for others.

At the same time the traffic runs on RIM ‘s own servers in Canada and Britain and not like other sellers on local data centers.

Besides making India among others , Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates maintains security concerns against the free movement of mobile communications. Terrorists could use the technology in preparation for attacks , warn the countries. With Saudi Arabia RIM has already reached a compromise . The U.S. has condemned the calls for more control of traffic as an attack on freedom of information.

Old spices in new bottles

Videoantworten per Twitter: Der Old-Spice-Man hat das Web erobert. Quelle: ap

Video Responses via Twitter: The Old -Spice -Man has conquered the Web . Source: AP

DÜSSELDORF. Old Spice in the United States had an image that is already in its name: a fragrance for old men. It almost seemed as if Proctor and Gamble , the brand already buried – until last February gave an advertisement for "Super Bowl " the scent of water an unexpected cult status. The well-trained ex -NFL player Isaiah Mustafa sent the women of the world the promise that their husbands but can not look no more like him – but still smell Sun

Last week turned Proctor & Gamble and then to the Social -Media -Turbo : Per Twitter It said users of the on-line short message service to help to put questions to the Old -Spice -Men – and answered almost in real time with videos, preferably at the most influential Twitter user. The pointed their social network to the answer , which caused a number of other questions for the Old Spice Man – a self-reinforcing social media bomb. Business insider summarizes what Proctor & Gamble has done right, and are General Social -Media – Tips for businesses. Ethority has now ten most impressive social media campaigns enumerated – with the Old Spice One landed at number one.

Good PR, bad PR

While Proctor & Gamble so great successes in the network , celebrates many other companies still have their problems with the new form of communication. Coca Cola saw one with his brand Pepsi , Dr. Pepper Porn disaster on Facebook and the attempts of the German Telekom, the Netizens via Twitter to explain why they want to abolish net neutrality come to nearly unanimous rejection.

The train continued its efforts with the image on the web. True to the known BP- critical satire account BPGlobalPR twitters now also a false PR department of the railway under the name DBGlobalPR" Let them strike . Take the trains will not be as dependent . Each mark counts for the IPO .

BP also blows the wind is still strong in the face : The group has at PR images tricked by Photoshop, such as a U.S. blogger revealed. BP had to give the PR – Panne – made the network and responds quickly , as so often with scorn : When Twitter and in blogs This picture the round – along with the sardonic note that these are to the real original.

German bank discovered her heart for pirates

The research department of the Deutsche Bank discovered the pirate , and strongly criticizes the current copyright law. Under the title "The pirate in us – in the depths of copyright"She asks a balance of interests between rights taken for how Netzpolitik.org reported. " A successful copyright reform succeed , if in addition to the rights of exploiters , the artists themselves be heard and the interests of Internet users with . The growing indifference of many Internet users against copyright violations speaks volumes , "warns the German bank.

Times -user leave the pay -to-ship

The continuous debate on paid content on the Web has received this week a new diet : the website of Rupert Murdoch’s ‘ Times ‘of the competition , according to British Guardian over 90 percent more visitors lost, since the users have to pay for content. Whether the loss of visitors , the bottom line still counts because the remaining visitors pay for content, however, still remains to be seen .

Open Source at the Crossroads

The Web Magazine T3N provides for the free software movement at a crossroads. Traditionally, a business model around free software has specialized in the service, such as the Linux vendor Red Hat. The U.S. company comes with this business model to three-digit millions in sales – much to the benefit of users of free software as paid Red Hat employees actively support the development of free software like Linux.

This symbiotic relationship between open source companies and community T3N looks now , however, at risk: More and more free-riders would be attracted by the success of open source and pursued a different business model are: The " Open -core "approach only noh parts of the code freely , an extension for an open- source application , for example, but a charge.

Twitter and Facebook grow and grow and grow …

Facebook has the 500- million – user mark cracked. Especially in Asia the growth of the largest online social network has recently been strong. Even Twitter is continuing to grow: Daily will present some 300 000 new users are added . In Germany, compared to the same month last year 144 percent more users visited Twitter.com in Germany , compared to the previous month’s figure is up nine percent , reports the FAZ- net economist. Consequently it could not record the Twitter Web site in June, nearly three million German visitors – the number of users that Twitter is not about a browser , but for example, use of an iPhone app, not even counted.

For the continuing boom in the micro-blogging service , not least the World Cup should have taken care of. Which makes each round more attention to the topic at the Twitter Twitter Blog graphical form during the World Cup showed , however, a still existing major weakness of Twitter: The disturbance susceptibility due to overload. These will now by the Moving to a new data center and 20 new employees are much less likely .

ARD and Co. are forced to on-line memory loss

The new broadcasting treaty is in force – and forces the public broadcasters , content to take offline, have to pay almost all of its TV licensing fees. FAZ- media blogger and author Stefan Niggemeier suggests that on – and with him a large part of the network. Niggemeier writes : "First they are produced , then put on the net , then deleted again: everything from fee revenue for public broadcasting . "

Video find: Steve Jobs introduces the double rainbow

Do you remember the excitement of an American on a http://funnyvideo.blogage.de/entries/2010/7/7/Double-Rainbow1 double rainbow from the power Umschau two weeks ago? There is really only one other American who can talk enthusiastically about things like : When Apple CEO Steve Jobs was once present a double rainbow , which probably sounds like this:

Researchers reveal the secret of Twitter

Belangloses Geschnatter oder neueartiges Nachrichtenmedium? An Twitter scheiden sich die Geister. Quelle: ap

Inconsequential chatter or neueartiges news media? On Twitter are the ghosts. Source: AP

DÜSSELDORF. The hype around Twitter remains a mystery to many: report More than a few on to the Kurnachrichtendienst, write a few messages that subscribe to news from some other users – and quickly to listen again. According to a study of the IT service Barracuda Networks only one in five registered users twittert permanently active – many users will not even write ten messages to the application, thus lose interest quickly.

In other strikes at the lack of understanding about the Twitter phenomenon in hostility: in the "time" called for an author already ‘Stop the chatter"And the service called" Klowand the Internet ". The former New York Times columnist David Bouchier called Twitter, the medium of linguistically impoverished. Pessimists agree: The flash is an expression of a SMS-like condensed youth language and Twitter is a stronghold of trivia.

Twitter is a social media news

Enemies and disappointed by Twitter could one have in common: that they have the real benefit of the short message service is not understood. Because Twitter is not primarily as a social network for friends to say how and when to just brush his teeth or go shopping. Rather, it is primarily to establish a medium for the dissemination of news, such as the computer Haewoon Kwak, Changhyun Lee, Hosung Park and Sue Moon of South Korea KAIST University, in a recent study. Moreover, they have scored 41.7 million Twitter users, 1.47 billion and 106 million short messages scientific relations on the portal.

Retweet for success

As the crucial key to understanding the Twitter communication, the researchers do this from the so-called Retweet. Early on Twitter has been under-users of the custom established to carry forward the messages of other users. For this purpose the appropriate message of another Twitter user by a preceding "RT @ Username" is repeated, wherein RT stands for Retweeting. Meanwhile, Twitter has this feature built in too firmly into his service.

Thus Twitter serves as a kind of natural selection for messages: What seems important to many, is often retweetet and spread like wildfire so, how to determine the researchers. The majority of messages that keep users unimportant fade, but almost unread in the stream of millions of Twitter messages, the daily rush through the net. They are displayed only for those who have subscribed to the message author directly (see box "What is Twitter" at the end of the article).

In the second study, the KAIST University researchers studied Meeyoung Cha, Hamed Haddadi, Fabrício Benevenuto and Krishna Gummadi Tweets 1.7 billion, to be particularly influential people make on Twitter identified. The most important multipliers are therefore not about users, such as the singer Britney Spears or the actor Ashton Kutcher, the most subscribers ("followers have"). Rather, it is those whose messages retweetet particularly common, so be repeated.

Particularly often, the flash of classic big news media like the New York Times, large American blogs like the Huffington Post, "known U.S. technology blogs such as" Tech Crunch "and" Mashable ", and the headlines from news sites like CNN or the news aggregator" Breaking News "repeatedly. These are therefore also particularly influential.

Meme – the survival of the information

The survival of information by repeating it in the network has become even outside of Twitter as a fundamental pillar of the digital culture. Aroused special attention in this context called 4chan image boards such as the American Forum. There rustle new images every second, through which a little later are not found because they were displaced by new images, published by the users anonymous. Only that which is taken up by others and therefore be published again and again, survived as long-term information. Internet users are using the term for this meme

The popularized by the biologist and Oxford professor Richard Dawkings concept goes back to the idea that not only genes are subject to an evolution, but also information. The concept of the meme is assumed that thoughts and ideas evolve like living things. find information that is not adapted to the environment – meaning no carrier, which it considers to be valuable enough to pass on the message to die – the long term. Value is of course a very subjective concept: the most famous internet meme called Lolcats are – photos of cats with speech bubbles, the awkward sentences say in bad English.

By this standard, the memes that come through on Twitter, rich communication. The analysis of scientists shows that prevail at Twitter themes that hold the traditional media is important. The Korean researchers are making as the dominant themes on Twitter during the investigation period 6 31 June 2009, the unrest in Iran and various issues of U.S. policy from. Cultural pessimists are likely to be reassured.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online hybrid: on one hand it is a short message service, also known as micro-blogging, the other to an online social network, such as StudiVZ or Facebook. Each user has to publish not only the possibility of a maximum 140-character messages over the Internet or by SMS, the real highlight is the social component: the user can choose which other users read the news they want. Unlike traditional social networks like Facebook – which also have a micro-blogging feature – it is here but not to each other "friends". Instead, there is the follower concept. Just because a User A User B reads the message, it must be the message from user A does not necessarily pay attention. According to the researchers one-follower relationships are more the rule than the exception.

Download of the studies