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Business Description of WORTHINGTON INDUSTRIES, INC.


Worthington is a diversified metal processing company engaged in steel processing and manufacturing of metal products such as metal framing, pressure cylinders and automotive parts (stampings).
Worthington operates 44 manufacturing facilities worldwide and holds equity positions in nine joint ventures, which operate additional manufacturing facilities across the globe. The company processes and manufactures metal ceiling grid systems and laser welded blanks through its joint ventures.
Worthington conducts business through three business segments: processed steel products, metal framing and pressure cylinders.
The processed steel products segment operates through Worthington Steel and Gerstenslager. Both of these subsidiaries are intermediate processors of flat-rolled steel. Worthington Steel processes flat-rolled steel to match specifications of industrial customers, including automotive, appliance and machinery companies. Gerstenslager is a supplier of automotive exterior body panels to the North American automotive original equipment and past model service markets. Worthington Steel also processes steel for steel mills, large end-users, service centers and other processors.
The metal framing segment operates through, Dietrich Metal Framing. The company designs and produces metal framing components and systems and related accessories for the commercial and residential construction markets within the US. The segment’s products include steel studs and track, floor and wall system components, roof trusses and other metal framing accessories.

The pressure cylinders segment operates through Worthington Cylinders. The business unit produces a diversified line of pressure cylinders, including low-pressure liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and refrigerant gas cylinders and high-pressure and industrial/specialty gas cylinders. The LPG cylinders are used for gas barbecue grills, recreational vehicle equipment, residential heating systems, industrial forklifts and commercial/residential cooking. Refrigerant cylinders are used to hold refrigerant gases for commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration systems and for automotive air conditioning systems.

High-pressure and industrial/specialty gas cylinders are used as containers for gases used in: cutting and welding metals, breathing (medical, diving and firefighting), semiconductor production and compressednatural gas systems. Worthington Cylinders also produces recovery tanks for refrigerant gases, air reservoirs for truck and trailer, original equipment manufacturers and non-refillable cylinders for helium kits.
Worthington Steelpac provides custom-designed shipping containers to move goods efficiently. It caters to automotive, lawn and garden and recreational vehicle industries.