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Wyeth – Business Description


Wyeth is engaged in the discovery, development, manufacture, distribution and sale of a diversified line of health care products. The company sells its line of products to wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, physicians, retailers and other healthcare institutions located in various markets in more than 145 countries.

The company has three primary business segments: pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare and animal health.
The pharmaceuticals segment operates through the company’s Wyeth Pharmaceuticals subsidiary. It develops, manufactures, distributes, and sells branded human ethical pharmaceuticals, biologicals, vaccines and nutritionals. Principal products include neuroscience therapies, including Effexor and Effexor XR; cardiovascular products, including Inderal; nutritionals, including S-26, 2nd Age Promil (international markets only) and 3rd Age Progress and S-26;gastroenterology drugs, including Zoton (international markets only) and Protonix (US market only); anti-infectives, including Zosyn (marketed as Tazocin internationally); vaccines, including Prevnar (marketed as Prevenar internationally); oncology therapies; musculoskeletal therapies, including Enbrel; hemophilia treatments, including Benefix Coagulation Factor IX (recombinant) and Refacto albumin-free formulated Factor VIII (recombinant); immunological products, including Rapamune; and women’s healthcare products, including Premarin, Prempro, Premphase and Alesse (marketed as Loette internationally). These products are promoted and sold primarily to wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals, physicians, retailers and other human healthcare institutions. Some of these sales are made to large buying groups representing certain of these customers. The company manufactures these products in the US and Puerto Rico and in 13 foreign countries.
The consumer healthcare segment operates through the company’s Wyeth Consumer Healthcare subsidiary. It manufactures, distributes and sells over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare products. Principal consumer healthcare product categories and their respective products are: analgesics, including Advil; cough/cold/allergy remedies, including Robitussin, Dimetapp and Alavert; nutritional supplements, including Centrum products and Caltrate, and hemorrhoidal, asthma and personal-care items, including Preparation H and ChapStick. These products are generally sold to wholesalers and retailers. They are manufactured in the US and Puerto Rico and in eight foreign countries.
TThe animal health segment operates through the company’s Fort Dodge Animal Health subsidiary. It develops, manufactures, distributes and sells animal biological and pharmaceutical products. Principal animal health product categories include pharmaceuticals; vaccines, including West Nile – Innovator; parasite control, including Cydectin; and growth implants. These products are sold to wholesalers, veterinarians and other animal healthcare providers.The company manufactures these products in the US and in seven foreign countries.