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3D movies bring the hoped-for boost in sales


Szene aus James Camerons "Avatar": Hollywood hat die Produktion von 3D-Filmen hochgefahren - sehr zur Freude der Kinobetreiber in aller Welt. Quelle: ap

Scene from James Cameron’s "Avatar": Hollywood has ramped production of 3D movies – much to the delight of cinema operators around the world. Source: AP

DUSSELDORF. The queues at the tills of the winding UCI cinemas in Düsseldorf Medienhafen are long. Three-dimensional films like James Cameron’s masterpiece "Avatar" and the fairy-tale adaptation "Alice in Wonderland" prove, despite a significantly higher admission price than real crowd-pullers.

The enthusiasm for 3D in the North Rhine-Westphalia’s state capital is no exception. Throughout the 3-D productions fill the cinemas. But "Avatar", a production of Rupert Murdoch’s Fox movie studio, managed since their release just before Christmas, the magic number of ten million moviegoers in Germany to skip. "Avatar is a century event," said Kim Ludolf Koch, CEO of the second-largest cinema operator in Germany, Cineplex.

The film fun with the strange plastic glasses can ring at the German cinema of the funds. "In the first three months we are both in visitors and sales over the previous year," said Oliver Fock, general manager of the market leader, Cinestar, yesterday. "Films like that Avatar?, Alice in Wonderland? Or Ice Age 3? Clearly show that the 3D cinema audiences want films. With Ease, Drachenzähmen? For example, is the 15th consecutive time, a 3D movie in Germany’s number one. "

Also Cinemaxx, the number three, is optimistic. "2010, previously developed significantly better than expected. 3D given us a boost in sales," said CEO Christian Gisy yesterday, the Handelsblatt. Not only the good attendance, but also the higher entrance fees are creating euphoria in the industry. While a normal ticket costs 7 to 7.50 euro, for example, requires Cinemaxx in 3D films 12 to 13 euros.

Given the market success of the studios under pressure to produce new 3D movies. "Hollywood makes for a good supply," says Cineplex chief cook. "The pipeline, with 3-D productions for the year 2010 very well filled," says CEO Cinestar-Fock. By the end of June "Shrek IV", the green Wunderkerl from the film studio DreamWorks dimensional entertained.

The Disney group countered with the third part of the "Toy Story". And before Christmas, the first "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 will enchant" in 3D with all the force the audience. Industry players expect from the production from the Warner Bros. home one year-end rally. "Creates Already a conventional, Harry Potter? Its seven million viewers. In 3D it could have near the success avatar come from?" Says CEO Cinemaxx Gisy.

The mood in the movie theater industry is euphoric, because the world is up. According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rose 2009, the sale of movie tickets worldwide by 7.6 percent to 29.9 billion U.S. dollars. In particular, the 3D cinema ensured despite the global economic crisis for the positive development. "The films visitors around the world are voting with their feet, and these feet run in cinemas, which have the latest presentation technology," said MPAA President Bob Pisano.

According to the MPAA be achieved, for example in the U.S. and Canada already eleven percent of all revenue, with three-dimensional stripes. The proportion is expected to increase according to estimates by market participants in much more. "We expect this year a visitor share for 3D by at least 15 percent," predicts Cinemaxx chief Gisy.

The cinema chains to invest in expanding its 3D hard infrastructure. For example, in Cineplex, a cooperative community of 40 mid-sized movie theaters, one in four already equipped with 3D Canvas. Also, the competitor has already Cinemaxx quick to respond to the new presentation technology. 63 of a total of 275 screens are equipped according to the company already 3D. Cinestar also continued to invest. So far, there is here for forty digital 3D screens.

Yesterday, the annual review of Cinemaxx for a positive surprise caused in the market. The cinema chain in the media entrepreneur Herbert Kloiber achieved a record result. After red numbers in 2008 Cinemaxx posted a net profit of 20 million euros. Preliminary earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) doubled the cinema chain from 6.4 million to EUR 15.3 million Revenues increased thanks to an increase in visitors and higher ticket prices by 16 percent to 195 million euros.

Calamity threatens the movie industry this year yet, the World Cup. Then many cinema seats remain vacant. "We expect around half fewer visitors during the World Cup," said Chief Cinemaxx Gisy. If the German national team plays well, it could still be a lot more.