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Air Berlin sees strain from airline levy from 180-220 million EUR


Boeing B737-800_vonUnten_comp LONDON (Dow Jones) – Air Berlin plc, Rickmansworth, has its costs by the Federal Government proposed aviation tax estimates. (Photo: Air Berlin)

Put it up between 8 EUR 15 EUR per passenger basis, could have resulted in additional burdens for the  Airline 180 million to 220 million EUR amount in the year, said CEO Joachim Hunold said Thursday the Annual General Meeting in London. Although there were no fixed details of the charge, EUR 1 billion annually should be made to rise.
Hunold criticized the plans of the federal government. "This is a political decision, understand that I in no way can, "he said. The manager recalled that the Chancellor said a year ago, had an emissions trading will be with no  National unilateral type. "Now we have a national Alone, "said Hunold.
It might not be that the German airline side-load would, while having the banking industry and the German automotive industry in recent years helped by EUR 5 billion had been. The German aviation industry was to a tenth of the Raise funds of the savings package and at a time in which the already low-margin industry, the financial consequences of the severe winter and I have to take the several-day closure of European airspace. "Therefore we are forced to pass this levy on ticket prices pass, "announced Hunold.

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