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All liquids in hand luggage on flight controls


CDS-05_RGB_K_JPG BRUSSELS (Dow Jones) – The 29th actually from April provided relief in the control of liquids in hand luggage, there will be flight time being. EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas on Friday called on Member States, the corresponding new rules do not apply for the time being. (Photo: Fraport)

In recent days a growing number of Member States have communicated that they want to control for security and liquids on, which were bought in duty free shops in third countries. These controls should be transferring to other flights at EU airports as of Friday actually dispensed.

The Commission wants to avoid that confusion arises in passengers, which is controlled at airports such as, Kallas said: "My main goal is to facilitate the lives of air travelers is." The Commission will now examine the situation together with the Member States and the United States, because of the checks were particularly affected transfer passengers on their way to or from the United States. The EU countries should control more of the same, "to passengers to travel with security," said Kallas.

Until Thursday, France had officially informed the Commission that the proposed facilities would not be granted for safety reasons. Several other Member States had indicated, according to a Commission spokesman informally like.

The facilities for transfer passengers were from the EU as an intermediate step on the way to 29 April 2013 was decided when the applicable requirements for carrying liquids are due to expire in general. Currently, only liquids may be up to 100 milliliters from outside the airport brought in hand luggage through security checks in the EU, and even if they are packed in transparent bags. This rule was introduced in 2006 for fear of attacks with explosives camouflaged as a liquid.

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