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Apple Tablet PC is coming soon


NEW YORK / LAS VEGAS. A few days before the start of the most important high-tech exhibition at CES new speculation mix Apples Tablet Computers on the industry. The tablet will be unveiled for months waiting for the end of January and could go in March in the trade, reports the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

The tablet computer is one of the most important projects for AppleCEO Steve Jobs, who wants to do with the device, the breakthrough in the market for convenient, keyless computer. The company from Cupertino is known for its secrecy about new products. If, however, only contracts with suppliers have been placed, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the information under wraps. Therefore, it is speculated for weeks about the new device. The stock fell slightly in early trading on Tuesday at $ 213.80, after they had reached on Monday because of market rumors, a new record of over $ 214.

New opportunity for publishers

The Tablet PC, which iSlate will be marketed under the name, came especially for the media industry at the right time. Publishers are looking desperately for a way, news, videos and images to market through the Internet. As the first U.S. publisher Conde Nast could, Hearst, Time Inc. and Rupert Murdoch News Corp.. benefit from the new device. You are already mobile and online formats for iSlate have developed.

It is expected that the device as a kind of "giant iPhone will look like. He should have a touch-sensitive screen with a diagonal ten to eleven inches (approximately 25 to 28 centimeters) and, as usual with the device class, have no keyboard. The input of text and web addresses via a virtual keyboard that appears on the screen.

Users should be able to surf with the Tablet on the Internet, watch TV, play and read electronic books and newspapers. Until now, such devices are those of, inter alia, Toshiba and HewlettBe manufactured Packard, only niche products. "There are high hopes for devices that are between a smartphone and a laptop," says Clyde Montevirgen, an analyst at Standard & Poor’s Equity Research. First there were some successes with the Kindle and video games, but there exists no device that unites all these functions.

If Apple ISlate end of January actually represents, has the struggle of the former close allies Apple and Google against Microsoft far worse in other areas: On Tuesday sought Google in Mountain View to the previously most direct blow to Apple and put out his first phone from – the Nexus One based on Android.

Analysts see it as the strongest competition to date Apples iPhone. But Apple kartet back: It was on the day Google wanted to have all the attention for himself alone that leaked the planned acquisition of mobile advertising platform by Quattro Wireless Apple for around 275 million U.S. dollars through.

In November, only had the web-advertising giant Google the acquisition of its competitor AdMob for about 750 million U.S. dollars announced. Its own advertising platform, as well as Nokia built since 2008, allows services and hardware manufacturers develop new revenue streams. Especially if they – like all smartphone manufacturers – access to their software platforms to control.


iPod: Six years after came the first portable MP3 music player on the market has Apple in October 2001 introduced its first iPod. Meanwhile, there are several variants of the device, and it is one of the best-selling music players in the world.

iPhone: To make smart phones, the information from the mobile Internet experience available, there were already before the iPhone. But is only with the ease of use of the phone Apple Three years ago the mobile Web made to prevail.

iSlate This year, the company from Cupertino, California would succeed another breakthrough. Tablet PCs have been around for years. They are used mainly in hospitals and in logistics. Apple They could now get into the living room.