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Auto Insurers entice with discounts


FRANKFURT. The heavy advertising of competitors such as Axa or DEVK suggests that the struggle is about each customer in the next round. The Huk, in the motor insurance market has a share of around 16 per cent will, however, shrink in any case. Therefore, the competent Huk Board Klaus-Juergen Heitmann its prices this fall has reduced compared to the spring. The Coburg heating up for years as usual, the price battle again.

"A rise in car prices of a few percent does not mean that there is no competition anymore," Heitmann said in an interview with Handelsblatt. This also meant "not necessarily" rising prices. "For the fight for customers continues so, even if there is more damage."

In the industry will work with all the tricks to win or keep customers. In addition to the official rates have many individual provider discounts. In the industry this is called "nose discounts. For stubborn demands then there are ten to twenty percent discount it.

During the Huk official prices are not negotiable, but the insurer, but for years in Internet hosts compared to the cheapest providers. If the changes in the short term because of actions of competitors, the company adjusts its rates again soon, so it is again in the top group.

For customers willing to change the car is a comfortable situation. Many people can save in comparison to their previous providers sometimes even several hundred euros, Internet portals expect from you. This is also the case this fall, as many insurers have the year again positioned very inexpensive. Some apparently shy away from any cost, as numerous television commercials show with a view of the change date to the beginning of the year.

The price battle out for years but now the insurance companies do hurt. In the industry, it is estimated that the costs and damages will be higher this year by five to six percent as the premium income, which are expected to stagnate at 20 billion €. The bottom line means the loss of more than one billion euros for the insurer.

The Huk was one last year with their two companies into the car insurers, who still made a profit. According to calculations by the industry service map report there were around 100 million €. Was better in the underwriting result, however, Germany’s leading alliance of 220 million €. Between 20 and 35 million € plus managed Gotha, Axa, occupational and LVM. The highest losses were less than 75 companies covered VHV, Generali Gerling and HDI.