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Bad marks for the Paris auction house Drouot


PARIS. Scandalous conditions in the French auction house Drouot submit a "Report on the Functioning of Drouot in the open ". The Justice Department has asked him to three senior officials who drafted the document , which is characterized by an indiscretion became public. The three "wise men to criticize "the organization at the Hôtel Drouot on virtually all levels: " An organized conservatism , "a" minimal management "," opaque structures, " an inadequate " legal framework "and " outdated working practices "are the points of criticism. Negative reviews also reluctant decisions be taken , never attainable auctioneer Delettrez Georges , who heads the holding company for years , are one of the numerus clausus similar, not least the European directives Objecting recording system and last but not " fall in the quality of the product offer . These are hard bandages for otherwise conservative officials.

Service employees steal

The Paris auction house Drouot has been around since the end of 2009 became known thefts hard in the wind. The one hundred and ten together in a workers’ cooperative " Savoyards "or "red collar "(after their black uniform with red collar " Cols rouges ‘), and completed by July 2010, the entire manual processing in the auction halls: the storage, the presentation of the objects and the Transport. Some systematically stolen for years or decades, different objects. After the theft of a Gustave Courbet painting has been indicted and is known the breadth of the scandal gradually. Meanwhile, about twenty " Savoyard "and an auctioneer accused individually. A second indictment was issued against the " Savoyard " cooperative as a moral person. It is therefore all the " Savoyard " since 1 September legally prohibited from entering the Drouot – building or to work there.

Transport steps into the breach

On 14 September the Drouot Holding finally announced that starting on the 21st season September, the long-established transportation company Chenu , the " Savoyard "is replaced , the handling of auctions of the 16 rooms of the Hôtel Drouot -Richelieu to guarantee . The company was founded in 1760 and Chenu is experienced in the art transport . Yet many fear auctioneers that the beginning of the season could degenerate into panic, because the newcomers were not up to the complex situation .

" Savoyards "work – despite House ban

The four-day auction series in the Nobel Hall Drouot Montaigne in the 8th – Arrondissement of Paris in 1852 with lots of Japanese woodblock prints and books from the dealer Huguette Berès collection by Pierre Bergé & Associés nevertheless began on 16 September with the help of the " Savoyard ". In white shirts , black tie and white gloves, the men provide for a smooth handling of the marathon auction . "We have registered since June , "argues auctioneer Frédéric Chambre, Bergés partner. " As long as they are charged or even convicted, they are innocent , "adds auctioneer Antoine Godot , the second partner at Bergé . A legally delicate situation.

Charm of an Ali Baba- cellar

The management of the Drouot Drouot and the 73 – auctioneer companies would have to know that their system and their working methods are not compared to the international firms are competitive. They met but not the radical measures necessary to modernize the auction house with the charm of an Ali Baba- cellar from scratch. Now they fear for their survival. Survival is effective for ten years, since the transcendence of the auctioneer ‘s monopoly and the establishment of the International Auctioneers in France, seriously threatened.