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Beiersdorf-personnel director leaves company


Beiersdorf Headquarters
 Hamburg_frei HAMBURG (Dow Jones) – The Chief Human Resources Officer Beiersdorf AG, Peter Kleinschmidt, will leave the DAX Group. Relevant information from the "manager magazin" confirmed on Thursday, a spokeswoman for the Hamburg group. (Photo: Beiersdorf)

The Beiersdorf staff had been informed already. A Press release on the subject would be published in due course.
The spokeswoman did not comment on the information of the "manager magazin", according to Beiersdorf wants to rebuild its executive committee. Currently a board member would find that for the European business  should be responsible, had the magazine in advance of his on 19 March appearing April edition reported. Personalize your search but difficult because Beiersdorf one of those companies in the DAX, their Board members pay for the worst.
The spokeswoman said the report only that there is as yet  no decision. Whereas what is involved rumors, and they would not  commented.

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