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Billion in bonuses to Lehman bankers


HB HAMBURG. While the bankruptcy of their bank has caused the world financial crisis, every manager had earned an average of about 400 000 dollars. The bankers were heard "mirror" in October 2008 by the Japanese finance house Nomura adopted and Garantieboni persuaded to stay.

Most London-based investment bankers were also not affected by the penalty tax by the British Government in the amount of 50 percent. The Garantieboni would be taxed as Fixgehälter, it says loudly, "mirror" to justify. Christian Meissner, the former Head of European Operations Lehman and now the Head of European Nomura, Also blame the bankruptcy of his former employer, in 17.3 million U.S. dollars which had been promised him in his four years at the U.S. bank, but not yet disbursed.