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BMW secures with a stake in SGL Carbon Lightweight Expertise


Footage Rheine_018_webFRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – Around three quarters of a year after BMW, Volkswagen is now joined at SGL Carbon, to secure their own access to the expertise of lightweight carbon fiber specialists. The Munich have access to over 15% of the shares of the Wiesbaden and concluded an increase of at least. "The subject of lightweight automotive industry plays in the future, an ever larger role," explained Chief Financial Officer Frederick Eichiner the decision. (Photo: SGL Carbon)

Since SGL shareholder Volkswagen is said to be interested in an increase in the takeover speculation flame to the MDAX-listed company again and spur on Friday the stock. And may actually be due to the entry BMWs a takeover bid for the Hessians, because BMW’s major shareholder Susanne Klatten about their investment vehicle SKion already holds 29% stake in SGL. Klatten shares are acquired with the now thrown into a pot of BMW ("Acting in Concert"), would both parties on the crucial 30% mark and must submit a mandatory offer. The authority responsible for clarifying this issue Federal Financial Serves Supervisory Authority (BaFin) would not comment on the morning of the specific case. A BMW spokesman said the investments were from BMW and SKion seen separately. "An acting in concert will not take place." Even a SKion spokesman held this position. lie, since the minimum price that the average price of the last three months is, but anyway under the current price would not market participants expect that too many of SGL shares would change hands was actually a . offer must be submitted to the SGL shares the takeover fantasy lends still associated buoyancy: In the late morning sets to the course by 5.4% to 45.50 EUR. The minimum price of a mandatory offer would be, according to calculations by Dow Jones Newswires slightly less than 40 EUR. The BMW spokesman said that they feel comfortable in Munich with the acquired participation. For the future are "further steps" but not impossible. What is BMW had cost the entry was not known. A seat in Aufsichsrat is "from today’s perspective," not the goal. Europe’s largest carmaker, Volkswagen did not comment on the events, however. The Wolfsburg had the end of February a total surprise purchased from SGL Carbon, and now hold nearly 10% of the Wiesbadeners. A few weeks ago there was speculation in the media, even VW could buy even more. Another major shareholder of SGL Carbon is the Voith GmbH, who in turn work closely with the VW subsidiary Audi. The interest of the automotive industry to SGL is so large because the topic is one of the most promising lightweight factors for the industry. The Wiesbaden finished carbon fibers, which are increasingly common in the auto industry because it not only easy but also very stable. Background of the increased use of lighter materials are more rigid emission requirements of the future and the electrical mobility. With consistent lightweight one hand, the weight of conventional cars are reduced, resulting in fuel savings, on the other hand, is the typical additional weight of electrically powered cars will be compensated. BMW and SGL have been working together since prolonged: in early September was a combined plant for carbon fibers in Moses Lake ( USA opened), after it was founded in spring 2009, a corresponding joint venture. The products manufactured in Moses Lake fibers are further processed into carbon fiber panels that flow again as the body parts in the planned electric cars i3 and i8.’Participation in the SGL Group is a logical step to underpin the successful cooperation, "said BMW’s chief financial officer Eichiner on Friday. SGL Carbon, a spokesman welcomed the introduction of the FTSE Group. "As a result, the appreciation of the successful cooperation documents." Even the BMW’s competitors do not sleep in the lightweight range: Audi is working with Voith, Daimler founded early 2011, a carbon fiber joint venture with Japan’s Toray Industries development partner.