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Bolivian president resigns


HB LA PAZ. In a normal football game would have this nasty challenge on the red card and a lock for the next games means that the football fans Bolivian President Evo Morales came during the interruption of a friendly game to an opponent in La Paz with its full force between the legs , which the man as a wet Bag fall to the back left . The scene between the teams of the government and the office of mayor of La Paz on Tuesday to see in a video distributed on the Internet .

The video and the Spanish original message please visit the website elmundo.es.

The opponent Daniel Cartagena had incurred the wrath of the leaders because he had been fouled his hand in a duel, and taught him to dribble a graze on his right foot . But Morales flew to the running between the legs, not by the court, but was allowed to continue playing until the final score 4:4.

Deputy Sports Minister Miguel Angel Rimba rüffelte even the victim: "There are people who just do not understand that the president has right of way while playing . " Cartagena complained that the police had threatened after the game to arrest him. This was prevented only by the mayor.