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Branch post offices to be


rtr FRANKFURT. Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank will in future also PostAnd hope to offer services to new customers. 240 institutions nationwide have already signaled fundamental interest, said the cooperative association that represents 324 people and Raiffeisen banks in 13 states on Monday. "The parties will open the opportunity to gain entirely new customer groups," said Association President Michael Bockelmann. To support the houses that had been established, the cooperative GenoPost.

The distribution of the letters would be handled by external service providers.

Background of the expansion of credit unions is the plan of Deutsche Post, to outsource the end of 2011 the 500 remaining stores operated by it. Even today at 14 000 locations nationwide PostServices offered. The Bundesverband der Volks-und Raiffeisen sees the expansion of PostServices for its approximately 1,200 member banks are positive. But this could only be a complementary business to increase the number of customers, "said a spokesman.

"The supply of postal services is generally not the core business of Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank." The 324 people represented by the Federation of Cooperatives and Raiffeisen banks have noticed over the past year, not far from the financial crisis. Operating income rose by nearly 20 percent to 1.9 billion euros. In the current year, the association expects because of rising unemployment and more bankruptcies with higher credit risks.