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Buy bankrupt stocks!


Händler an der Börse in Chicago: Warum nicht aus der Reihe fallen? Quelle: ap

Trader on the Chicago Stock Exchange fall , why not out of line ? Source: AP

Strategy 1: Just do not dispel

Here’s a quick guide to Emerging Markets , as two percent in Japanese stocks. And a mixture of palladium, which is also very important for the depot . Diversification is the magic word. In other words: who scatters his assets across all asset classes and markets, is well hedged. Time and again, this dogma of investment strategists is heruntergebetet . Their star witness , the inventor of the whole, is Harry Markowitz. Who said decades ago : "A good portfolio is a balanced unit . "

The mathematically balanced portfolio may in theory quite a bit for himself. But in reality Markowitz has had its day . Against the financial crisis, he was powerless. Even the best diversification did not help against losses. There was virtually no asset class, according to the Lehman is not greased . Instead of diversification the best recipe would have been pulling his money from the markets and to hoard cash. Markowitz can not help it. In his time the world looked very different . Subprime , asset -backed securities or credit debt obligations are an invention of modern times. Carefully formulated could say: The markets have become more difficult.

It is therefore important to invest their money in things that you really know. Instead of scattering at any cost, rather intuitively rely on a company whose business model is clear. Focus is called for. Who spreads too much , will miss the overview.

Strategy 2: Everything on debt – why not?

only speculate with money that you have left , we read in financial advisers. From there, play money is usually mentioned. No way, who wants to be what the stock market, must go all out is to say, : Not to speculate on credit. The idea is not that unreasonable : Younger investors have usually only slightly Savings in which they could put it in riskier investments , in equities around . They are in a comfortable situation with regard to the investment strategy : young have usually wait out a lot of time , possible losses and wait for the sales courses.

So why not lend some money to buy stocks and for that , because if one has not even enough parking on the money market account or hidden under the pillow? Finally, the current interest rate level is an invitation to gamble. And with the corresponding dividend yield can be denied even a majority of the interest costs ?

But one thing is clear : Investors who buy shares on credit , need good nerves. You must be able to sit out any interim losses. They should not be a beginner stock market and have relatively good knowledge of the market , so can assess whether a market will just completely overpriced or not. If one believes that the valuations are too high, then you should avoid the investment loan application better!

Strategy 3: Jump on the train

Just do not chase after the trend . A hype in the stock market may be over just as quickly as he came. And then a break of course. Time and again we hear the so-called stockbrokers . But as talk only those who have so far missed every trend accurately . Somehow you have to flatter the yes. They then refer you to the doyen of investors, the U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett. The recommends a stock one should only ever buy if they no interest in it.

Well and good . But who says that a share for which no one is interested in now , suddenly, in the future to hit. Is not it more predictable to buy a stock, of which we know that a lot of other people also fall for it? Only the drives prices to correct. The problem is not to jump on a rolling train. It is purely and simply a matter of jumping in time, after going for a while hitched a ride.

In the last ten years there has been enough opportunities. Internet , biotechnology , solar , agricultural . All megatrends. With each and every investor could multiply their efforts – if they got out on time again. Granted, to catch the right time is not easy. Usually it fails because people are careless. They forget that profits must also be taken away times. Who even wants to try again, at current mega trends of electric car, about demographics to climate change as it has.

Strategy 4 : All or nothing

"Either or "is the motto. Who buys the shares of one or more companies should not hesitate , so do not enter bit by bit. All at once! When linked savings is always of the so-called " cost-average effect " of the question. Are the prices high, according to a few fund shares are purchased , the prices are low, according to many. In the long run , the theory makes vile , investors this is good business.

Nope ! The cost-average effect is nothing more than a good argument for your bank manager if he wants you to talk into taking a fund savings plan. Numerous studies now show that the much-touted effect fizzles out completely. On the contrary: If you buy piecemeal , always charged fees. For the bank not a bad deal .

Put everything on one card better , dear investors ! If you believe that a stock can be had cheap, you should strike – and not just a bit.

Strategy 5 : Be active

Stock market veteran André Kostolany has always advised investors to buy shares and to leave it as long as possible in the depot. Eventually , after ten years , then one should look , how the courses have developed. Wrong, sir Kostolany ! Your formula does not work anymore. These price fluctuations in recent years have grown too strong. These days are , indeed , investors must be flexible – and quickly redeploy if necessary .

As evidence of investors should take a look at the V- Dax. It measures the implied volatility of the DAX in percentage points and is regarded as the fear barometer of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The higher the value, the greater the uncertainty. Last , the index suggested more frequent, more violent from . After the bankruptcy of U.S. Investementbank Lehman Brothers shot the VDAX times even on 80 points, a record level. This means that market participants expect a variation of about 80 percent for Dax stocks – such as top to bottom. A few weeks ago the figure was still at least 40 points. Investors have to lose in such a nervous market much. You should respond , even if incurred in any order fees.

Strategy 6 : Buy Bankruptcy shares!

Infineon, Heidelberg Cement, Pro Sieben. The three have something in common. All were struggling with huge debts, the threat of bankruptcy was the speech. Investors panicked , stock prices fell. A great opportunity. All three managed the turnaround and the prices shot up again . At the end of the year they were among the biggest winners on the German market. Who is after a quick profit should not be delivered by the Deutsche Telekom. As happens in any case never was.

More to be had in bankruptcy stocks, or rather alleged bankrupt stocks. Of course, the strategy is not for the faint of heart , and it does not go in any case. But it must also not be. For example, a gambler distributed a sum of five different penny stocks . Four of them do not make it and go bankrupt. Total loss. But the fifth creates a turnaround , lays up to five , six or seven euros. At the end of the gambler would have still made a handsome profit.