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Can the number of U.S. investors get carried away by flood?


HB NEW YORK. The last U.S. investors accustomed to success must be set next week at high rates. Some experts believe that each can cause even remotely negative message a clear downward trend. Many analysts point but optimistic and expect that the wave of corporate balance sheets have been ongoing since the beginning of the month rally is based on. Expected, the numbers of 177 S & P companies including giants like Microsoft, Exxon and Chevron. Wall Street looks forward to the in the last week of October also forward to the next meeting of the Fed in early November, are expected by other market players to the delight of cash infusions for the tepid U.S. economy.

According to analysts expected S & P 500 companies have increased their profits in the third quarter, up 28 percent. This increases the confidence, because last week was still up 24 percent expected. "We expect in the coming week with good balance sheets," said Peter Cardillo of Avalon Partners. Gloomy economic news could cause nervousness in the market, however, Cardillo said.

Investors here are nervous, especially because in the first week of November, the Fed decide their next steps and the pending congressional elections.

In the coming week, investors have primarily the home sales and new orders for durable goods on Wednesday and the U.S. gross domestic product from the third quarter on Friday marked the calendar. Microsoft and Exxon put their numbers posted on Thursday, followed by Chevron on Friday.

The Dow Jones index of the default values and the S & P 500 had completed the last week, each with a gain of 0.6 percent, while the Nasdaq rose 0.4 percent on weekly view.