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Chambers : 70 % of companies have problems with staffing


2010-08-24_Gewandmeisterin_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones ) – The shortage of skilled workers , according to a survey of German Industry and Commerce (DIHK ) has become by now for most companies " to the serious problem. " ( Reuters photo 🙂

The survey of 1,600 companies from all over Germany shows that already 70 % of companies in Germany in general or have at least some difficulty in finding suitable professionals for their open positions , DIHK President Hans Heinrich drift man said on Tuesday in Berlin. Only 30 % of the companies could easily fill the vacancies .
"After the crisis before the shortage , "Drift man stated in a press conference with Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen and Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere (both CDU ) to the recent " DIHK business barometer. " The development will increase given the current economy is currently performing well soon and makes it a "central challenge for the economy and politics. "
there are bottlenecks , not only in academics, would also just wanted workers who could show a business administrator , a masters or other advanced degree . A high demand also for dual -educated candidates – such as for IT professionals, but also in trade and catering. A turnaround is in sight , 49 % of respondents expected quite the opposite for the next five years in their company a shortage of highly skilled professionals. Drift man warned , " set the course rapidly towards labor protection .
The demographic change put the company " with challenges that are not quite grasp , "warned von der Leyen. If nothing change , there could be a " dip in growth . " However, the development was still " designable ". But the problem through immigration can not be solved in any event , she stressed . To save the labor base , but rather is "a mix of measures needed, which should focus on education , training , activation , reconciliation of work and family life as well as integration and immigration.
The German immigration law is " not a barrier in principle "for an appropriate immigration experts said de Maiziere . If necessary , however, could still be nachgesteuert by decree .

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