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Clear majority for constitutional reform


Der türkische Ministerpräsident Erdogan: Verfassungsreform in der Türkei. Quelle: Reuters

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan: constitutional reform in Turkey. Source: Reuters

The Turkish people have a clear majority voted for a modern republic. The voters voted on 30 Anniversary of the military coup of 12 September 1980 for a package from 26 amendments to the Constitution. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamic- conservative AKP has now a second Opportunity for fundamental reforms. The first opportunity to do so – after the triumphant victory at the ACP- election in 2007 – was wasted been because Erdogan and the AKP freedom first on the right Muslim students on a headscarf thought.

After the headscarf controversy seemed the reform momentum is lost. The Turkish Constitutional Court Erdogan missed in summer 2008 in a ban against his AKP a serious damper. The Although court denied a party for alleged Islamist ban Machinations from . The court missed the ruling party but a Warning shot cut and state grants. Since supplies are The opposition Republican People’s Party, CHP, which is as Guardian of the secular legacy of Mustafa Kemal, founder of the Republic Atatürk understood , with a Dauermachtkampf Erdogan .

The secular forces in the judiciary and the military then act as if it applies in Turkey still the state from its citizens to . protect It features while maintaining the " educational dictatorship " Atatürk pursue the modernization with an authoritarian system was . In the referendum on Sunday now , the people have the course given. The majority of Turkish voters voted for the to better protect privacy , restriction on Freedom of movement to allow less light or even a "Positive discrimination " – government benefits for children, Disabled or widows – to allow .

Criticism there is not only in Turkey, because the government of its majority in Parliament a much greater influence on highest courts will get. So they can on the nomination highest judge codecision . The judiciary , however, is far in the Turkey, a stronghold of secular forces.

"The government was not sure whether the changes in Justice system get away with , if not in one package be coordinated , "said Ilter Turan of Istanbul’s politics professor before the referendum. "As the ACP to the people now very different Changes only in a package to a vote yes or no submits it to a referendum vote of confidence in the Government made. "

Erdogan has managed it , barely a year before the Summer 2011 scheduled election , the political forces to mobilize the vote otherwise probably not for its ACP would . The people have the option of the military rulers of miss that time a receipt , "the Turkish Nobel literature laureate Orhan Pamuk , who opts for a " Yes " pronounced .

The Turkish government promises , the constitutional amendments are only a first step towards a completely new constitution. From the EU , however, came the warning , democratic improvements to perform not only on paper. A spokeswoman said , regarding the reform of the justice sector , the Commission was the View that the decision , but the actual Application of the reforms was crucial .