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Consumer prices in the U.S. fall


WASHINGTON HB. Experts explain his reasons first decline in the rate since March 2009 so that large retailers have reduced because of high unemployment in the country, prices for goods. Without susceptible to fluctuations in energy and food prices remained unchanged. Experts had expected this so-called core rate for a slight increase.

In comparison of the increase was 2.2 percent in April. He was thus 0.1 percentage points below the previous month.

Food and petrol left out of the prices had increased since April 2009 even by only 0.9 percent. This was based on the core rate of the lowest inflation in 44 years, reported the economic agency Bloomberg.

The low inflation allows the Fed continues to keep the funds rate to historically low level. It is located in the area was in December 2008 from 0.0 to 0.25 percent.