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CSU opposes the voucher plans Leyens


Familienministerin Ursula von der Leyen will für Kinder von Langzeitarbeitslosen Sachleistungen und Bildungsgutscheine statt höherer Geldleistungen durchsetzen. Quelle: dpa

Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen wants for children of long-term care and education vouchers rather than enforce a higher cash benefits. Source: AP

HB BERLIN.Im dispute on better support for children from poor families , the CSU has made against the voucher model of Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen. Education vouchers are " a collective vote of no confidence against long-term unemployed "and was discriminatory , said Bavarian Social Minister Christine Haderthauer the " Berliner Zeitung ". "This is not bourgeois political approach. "Instead, Hartz IV recipients should be required through the Job Center to better support their children. On the other hand , welcomed the German Association of Cities , the idea of a gift certificate or smart card model.

Von der Leyen wants to comply with the voucher system as requested by the Federal Constitutional Court to consider the education and participation of children in claim Hartz -IV- families stronger. The Minister has also been open , instead of introducing vouchers, a smart card. With the map of long-term unemployed , children get free education and care , ranging from tutoring on the sports club through to the school lunch.

Haderthauer said however , job centers should continue to define their target agreements with job seekers to take their children about private lessons or attend a sports club should. The money would be paid by the government directly to the institutions. "If that is not respected , it must provide the job center, possibly together with the youth , that the parents claimed responsibility and participation rights of children are met, " said the CSU politician.

Federal Education Minister Annette Schavan defended the idea of education vouchers. Von der Leyen , and currently they were working on a proposal, which should take into account not only the constitutional court decision to the Hartz -IV- rule sets for children, said Schavan the "Welt am Sonntag " , according to preliminary report . The ministers also wanted to improve the educational opportunities of disadvantaged children whose parents do not relate Hartz IV. It should be thought of local educational alliances, know the concerns and needs on the ground and react .

The Chief Executive of German Cities , Stephan Articus said the "Welt am Sonntag " , according to preliminary report , a Chip and settlement system, as will the voucher solution currently being tested in Stuttgart, only work well when built up the necessary equipment , infrastructure and affordable was. The federal government should also further examine whether " a part of the subsistence of children on smart cards or vouchers "could be ensured. finds the idea of the Leyens, pay vouchers instead of money , Articus well: " To ensure social participation and children to encourage targeted, is close to the idea , not just pay cash.

"Full of social history of failed examples, "

The CDU Saxony supports the better promotion of the children of Hartz IV recipients with the help of vouchers. This are " an effective instrument to really ensure that additional education actually reach the children , " CDU General Secretary Michael Kretschmer said on Saturday in Dresden. He called the discussion about an alleged paternalism " hypocritical. " There were examples in which children do not receive the promotion, by state security would actually be possible. Education vouchers would selectively against only children better.

" The solidarity of the society must also be the Help the needy get , "said Kretschmer. The history of the Social policy is full of failed examples, to which ownership has been set.