Home News Deutsche Telekom subsidiary bought a phony voters

Deutsche Telekom subsidiary bought a phony voters


Telekom-Tochter T-Online: Fingierte Kundenbewertungen im Online-Shop. Quelle: dpa

Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Online: Bogus voters in the online shop. Source: dpa

HB HAMBURG / BONN. have been to administer to a shopping portal of Telecom on the Internet hundreds of fake voters. Like the Hamburg news magazine "Der Spiegel" reported in its latest issue, a text agency has created on behalf of the purchasing world of T-Online, the artificial ratings. The aim here was to simulate a lively debate about new products, to upgrade to the shopping portal.

Thus, many authors paid texts for washing machines, cameras, and ice machines were created. Both positive and negative reviews were allowed to get a true picture of reality.

The Telekom, spoke of a "overzealous service providers. The group has not been known of the order. The shopping world of T-Online business trading in its self-sufficient and independent of the Telekom. "Here is the service provider also scored well above the target," the magazine quoted a spokeswoman for the Bonn-based company.