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DGAP-Media: DCI AG: DCI Amazon delivers content for crowd-Lexware


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DCI provides Amazon content for crowd-Lexware
Many manufacturers rely on Amazon.de as a distribution platform. Due to the specified requirements for product hiring new products quickly is very time consuming. Haufe Lexware to facilitate this process immediately by using massively of content services by DCI.
Complicated rules
Achieved via the well-known online store Amazon.de many Manufacturers and distributors, a large number of users. That Setting of new products is not always easy: Amazon has accurate Needs, such as product descriptions have to look like. This concerns For example, images and their formats, texts, and the appearance the descriptions. Moreover, some paths and have different other requirements are met. Meets Product is not the appropriate conditions, can the Amazon Adjust stop to the shop. Time-consuming rework is the result.
Easy and fast
The software manufacturer Haufe Lexware now using to place its products at Amazon, the content services of DCI AG. During before each new product elaborately set individually at Amazon was then DCI assumes the entire process from the Data preparation to publication of the Product at Amazon.
Haufe Lexware to send only a list of new items DCI. The content specialist collects the data with a special Software automatically determines the best product based on the crowd-Lexware website and transmitted via e-mail Data. According to the text capture the corresponding images are compiled in accordance with the specifications provided by Amazon and named. Then the create final product for Amazon and the DCI quality tested thoroughly. Finally, DCI provides the complete product description on the account of the manufacturer to the List of publishers. Adjusted data from Amazon, as a rule within released five days.
Safe quality
This service is available from DCI for all manufacturers. Compared to the widely used time-consuming and costly manual Data compilation to benefit users of DCI content services for uncomplicated Procedures, automated data processing and more reliable Extradition to Amazon. Is through the quality control of DCI ensure that the records meet the requirements of Amazon and are therefore immediately available in the online shop.
‘DCI understands the needs of our customers accurately and supported us as a reliable partner and service provider. This We especially appreciate the high delivery reliability and flexibility as well as the always constructive cooperation ‘, says Peter Schaefer, IT Channel Sales Manager of crowd-Lexware.
Detailed information on the DCI content services include www.dci.de available. A recent example of Haufe Lexware DCI collaboration is
http://www.amazon.de/Haufe-Lexware-financial-office-Version-Mini-Box/dp/38 35206125/ref = sr_1_3? Ie = UTF8 & s = software & qid = 1266913548 & sr = 8-3
to find.
About the DCI AG
The DCI AG is an expert in digital sales. With innovative technologies and products provide the DCI AG successful solutions in the field of online marketing, e-mail marketing and Content for advertisers, portal operators, publishers and agencies. The DCI Group currently employs a total of 85 employees, 60 of them in the production company in Brasov, Romania, and 13 in the subsidiary ITscope in Karlsruhe.
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