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DGAP-Media: Lufthansa pilot strike stops with Lovells


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Lovells has for Lufthansa for the four days designed a pilot strike can stop the time being. Before the labor Frankfurt closed on last Monday evening, the German Lufthansa AG and Pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit eV (VC), maintaining its recent legal positions a comparison. The VC undertook to their industrial action without delay to 8 Suspended in March 2010 and its collective bargaining demands with regard to the LH Italia SpA maintain no farther. In the meantime, should Parties concluded their negotiations on remuneration and Collective bargaining demands of the Vereinigung Cockpit eV in the German area served again . add
The background of the agreement, the partner of Lovells Thomas Ubber requested for the German Lufthansa AG and Lufthansa Cargo AG eV injunctions against the union Cockpit on Monday morning at the Frankfurt Labor were filed. Lufthansa proclaimed by the VC considers the industrial action as illegal. To put the strike demands in terms of Lufthansa subsidiary LH Italia SpA based in Milan not allowed to strike targets dar. also other objectives of the strike violated VC the peace obligation, as unterminated agreements were affected.
Since Monday, 0.00 clock strike members of the Association Cockpit eV air travel by Lufthansa, German Wings and the Freight subsidiary, Lufthansa Cargo. The ‘pilot longest strike in history’ — so the threat of the VC cockpit – was thus already after one day terminated.
Lovells team for Lufthansa: Thomas Ubber (partner), Bettina Scharff (both Employment Frankfurt)
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