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DGAP-News: BGI EcoTech AG starts with a high order backlog into the new year


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Corporate News, 12 January 2010
BGI EcoTech AG starts with a high order backlog into the new year
– Order backlog at the beginning of 2010 for EUR 32 million
– Large Order for 5.2 MW PV plant in Germany get
– Capital increase of EUR 1.27 million through the issue of shares
10 dollars to the Board member Henry Dauscher
Kassel / Griesheim, 12.01.2010: The BGI EcoTech AG today announced the Completion of the first projects published in December 2009 Known with a total project pipeline of more than 140 MWp. So goes the BGI EcoTech AG, in contrast to last year with a well-filled Order book in the new year. The order backlog amounted to approximately Euro 01.01.2010 32 million (previous year: almost no signed contracts).
The good results from the order made in 2009 Construction work in the marketing and internationalization, and reflects the high Demand for roof installations in the home and farm business in Germany and a positive business development in northern Italy and the Czech Republic. In This order is an order for a German Free-field PV plant with a capacity of 5.2 MW included.
In the coming months, the company continues to expect a good demand in the house and yard operations as well as with appropriate Contract signings. Moreover, the conclusion of further major contracts will be in Are expected in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and the Middle East. Accordingly will also be published in the November 2009 Record Forecast confirmed for the fiscal year 2010. This will see significantly improved sales and earnings compared to the record year , 2008.
Furthermore, the company has a capital increase by the Conversion of debt into equity known. Board Henry Dauscher has its claims in the amount of approximately Euro 1,270 Mio. converted into 126,995 shares at a conversion price of Euro 10th Through Henry Dauscher the transformation has its share of the BGI EcoTech AG by 2.2 percentage points to 8.7 percent increases. Upon registration of these Shares and in November at the Mattschappij VII BV ING Bewaar issued shares, the number of shares issued, 5,384,154. Further tranches of the agreements announced in December Conversion of liabilities from the acquisition of the Group amounting Ralos remainder of Euro 1.267 million through the issuance of shares at a Price of 10 euros per share to be implemented in the near future.
The Board
About BGI EcoTech AG
BGI EcoTech AG is one of the growing market for renewable Energies, especially in the field of photovoltaics, specialized Society. Here, founded in 1990, BGI EcoTech AG acts as Investment holding company. With subsidiaries or distributors in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic and Dubai is the BGI internationally in the most important and potentially high-growth Markets represented. Involvement is essential Ralos Group, a of Europe’s leading provider of premium System solutions in the photovoltaic sector. The company develops, designs, builds and operates innovative photovoltaic systems, whose Services of private solar systems up to powerful Großstromanlagen includes all plant sizes.