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DGAP-News: cometis presents new reference book: 100 Media Figures


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Wiesbaden, 18 May 2010 – How to identify the audience and can they really provide the most attractive advertising space for Identify customer? What it is, with indicators such as the Tausendkontaktpreis to take into account? And how many customers on the Internet obtained via the so-called conversion rate? Answers to these and numerous other issues, the newly published Reference media figures ‘100 ‘from your home cometis publishing.
The author Peter Thilo Hasler, longtime analyst of shares Media industry, sums up the fact from the large number of possible indicators 100 relevant to the practitioner together. Divided into the different stages of the value chain – broadcasting, film and entertainment, Internet, publishing, advertising and financial and Valuation ratios –
be the most important figures clearly and succinctly explained. This creates the pocket book in DIN A6 format Transparency and helps the complexity of the media landscape . Simplify
The media figures ‘100 ‘presents cometis publishing a useful reference work from the best Figures series. Whether in practice or in the study: The timeless compendium not only for students and professors a faithful companion, but especially for all entrepreneurs and senior executives from the media industry. Even for agencies and consultancies for Financial communications, investor relations and corporate communications to keep the 100 Media figures provide important information. Ulrich Wiehle, Managing Director of cometis publishing: ‘The 100 key figures from the Area media are based on the proven principle of ‘one side – a Key figure "clearly explained. Each figure is in formula Sample calculation, explanation, and first and disadvantages broken. In addition, the reader is a classification of the Importance of each indicator in practice. In this way, a faster Access to relevant key figures possible. "
The freshly printed book media figures ‘100 ‘is under the ISBN 978-3-940828-67-5 for 19.90 EUR on the website www.cometis publishing.de, or at well-stocked stores.
cometis publishing:
The publishing cometis GmbH & Co. KG, based in Wiesbaden specializes in developing and publishing reference works in the timeless handy A6 format. Key issues are in the range Economy, stock market, and finance. Bestsellers of the publisher is the work ‘100 The financial ratios’, which was translated into six languages and is the standard work acknowledged. All publications are on a ‘marketing through know-how ‘as a company-special edition available.
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