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DGAP-News: CytoTools AG: CytoTools successful patent strategy continued


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CytoTools successful patent strategy continues:
CytoTools replaced by another drug patents in the U.S. and thereby strengthening the market position in the cardiovascular field significantly
Darmstadt, 16 March 2010. The American Patent Office has CytoTools AG Communication on the issue of the American Patent to protect an active ingredient in the therapeutic field of Cardiovascular disease made. The issue now for the upcoming patent, entitled ‘Anti – Active Apoptotically aptamer ‘represents a hedge of the LLC by the CytoPharma aptamer drugs are used and will run until 10 December 2024th This new patent provides the CytoPharma thus also an important Position on the American market. This fact is also in the context of CytoPharma reflect the additional funding negotiations, provides this patent, but a milestone towards the commercialization of Products from the cardiovascular therapeutic area dar.
About CytoPharma GmbH CytoPharma GmbH develops Basic knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of new drugs for Used treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Than Based technology that uses the CytoPharma a comprehensive platform for the Drug development, which in years of intensive research activity has been built. The application of the platform technologies of CytoPharma in the therapeutic area of cardiovascular disease based on a scientific discovery of the founders: Injured or dead endothelial cells, blood vessels inside the tiled lining, are in the development of hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) involved. By progressive calcification increases the risk that the Arteries and close to the stroke or heart attack comes. CytoPharma developing new drugs, the emergence of Prevent atherosclerosis by the death of endothelial cells to stop. This can, for example, an efficient treatment of the so-called Restenosis, a disease of blood vessels after a surgery, to be achieved.
About the AG is CytoTools CytoTools Ltd. a Technology holding and investment company. It is from the CytoTools GmbH, a successful German technology companies from the pharmaceutical and Medical device sector emerged. The fundamental new scientific Findings of CytoTools AG, which stems from years of intensive Present research, have the foundation of three subsidiaries conducted, with which the product in different Therapeutic areas is carried out. The CytoTools AG each hold Investments amounting to 49.9% in DermaTools Biotech GmbH (Therapeutic area of dermatology), 24.7% of TemplaTech GmbH (therapy area Urinary tract infections) and 46% of CytoPharma GmbH (therapy area Cardiovascular disease, cancer). The know-how through appropriate basic patents protected.
Contact: CytoTools AG Dr. Mark Andre Freyberg Klappacher Str 126 64285 Darmstadt
Tel: +49- (0) 6151-9515812 Fax: +49- (0) 6151-9515813 E-mail: kontakt@cytotools.de / freyberg@cytotools.de
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