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DGAP-News: DAB bank tripled one-tax profit on 33.58 million euro / Future Program ‘DAB’ for sustainable growth


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Proposed dividend of 30 cents / Consistent Expansion of product and service offerings will appeal to the DAB bank for the target group of traders and investors continue to increase
Munich, 22 February 2009. The DAB bank Group, Munich, has its pre-tax earnings in fiscal 2009 compared to the previous year from 11.49 to 33.58 million euros nearly tripled. ‘In a continuing difficult market environment, we have one of the best Results of the company’s history reached. The very gratifying Development in net interest income and net investment income and continued cost discipline contributed decisively to this very good result at, ‘says Dr. Markus Walch, Chairman of the DAB bank’ with, one DAB ‘we have a set up a strategic program that sustained growth of DAB bank in promote the coming years. "
The DAB bank achieved a group profit according to IFRS in Totaling 22.56 million euros. The general meeting on 20 May 2010 takes place, will be proposed for these fully dividends. This would constitute a dividend of 30 cents per share, an more time would be paid tax free.
Driver of business success in 2009 was the Financial results. It stood at 76.39 million euros, compared to 28.36 million euros in 2008th The increase applies to both net interest income, which increased over the previous year from 54.55 to 64.73 million euros, as well the result from financial investments. This was – also because of the balanced and conservative investment strategy in the Treasury portfolio – on the Record high of 10.94 million euros.
Net commission income went the other hand, compared with the Previous year by 23.5 percent from 108.42 back to 82.91 million euros. The reason is the general uncertainty and Reluctance of investors in securities transactions, which are also in the Transaction numbers of DAB bank suppressed. During the transactions, the German stock markets over the previous year decreased by about 26 percent, amounted to the decline in the DAB bank in the Core business areas of B2B and B2C only 21 percent. Total – including the FondsServiceBank – led the DAB bank for its customers in Fiscal year 2009 6.65 million securities orders from.
The administrative burden reduced the DAB bank in the financial year Further in 2009: He stood at 119.89 million Euro, accounting for more than 7 percent ) lower than the value of the previous year (2008: 129.23 million euros. Positive factors The divestiture of FondsServiceBank (FSB) on the Score from business. Thus, the DAB bank in the fourth quarter was a positive One-off amounting to 4.01 million euros recorded.
Client assets under management grew from late 2008 to 31.12.2009 by more than four billion euros from 23.16 to 27.23 billion euros. In the B2C segment increased customer deposits on Proportionally by 28 percent a year earlier. The number rose in the depot Core business areas of B2B and B2C, at about 4,000, while in the field FondsServiceBank a decrease was recorded 36,500. End of 2009, managed DAB bank a total of 1,058,503 securities accounts.
This figure has not yet been audited. The Annual Report for fiscal year 2009 published by the DAB Bank on 16 March 2010.
Strategy Program ‘DAB one’ for sustainable growth
To strengthen its market position in the next few years to may submit the DAB bank with ‘DAB one’ a strategic program for the future before. It is reinforced in their product and service offering to invest in order to remain the first choice for traders and investors to be. ‘This, one’ in the name of our future program stands for several Content, "said Mark Gunter, the DAB bank Executive Board ‘We are a bank with the Core business areas of private customers (B2C) and business (B2B) and the Synergies resulting from use even more. We will our customers even more products and services from a single source offer so that traders and investors, all relevant to them Can bank online at DAB bank. We continue to monitor the Claim, the best online bank for our target groups – traders, investors and asset managers to be -. "
Thus, traders recently opened the FOREX currency trading for Available. Enjoy great popularity in the last December expanded trade opportunities with SFDs, an alternative to CFDs, which characterized by high transparency. Besides, for Traders include additional functionality and Order innovative trading products planned.
Even today, traders and investors can also use your checking account at the DAB bank run. The bank will offer banking, DAB further expand in the future —
For example, by introducing new cards and savings and credit products. DAB bank customers may in the future yet more services online and mobile access.
In terms of counseling, the DAB bank will continue its unique Network of independent asset managers with whom they in B2B cooperation, stronger even in their private make known. In addition, the private banking team of DAB bank’s successful strategy of investment advice by telephone . Continue ‘We offer individual solutions for each Advice desire, almost, Private Banking for Everyone”said Markus Gunter. ‘With an enhanced product offering, we are positioning ourselves for our Target group – the traders and investors – as the alternative to the classical Branch Bank: from the salary account to the FOREX currency trading, the comprehensive Securities and Tradingangebot to individual financial advice – Customers DAB bank will receive all the essential services which they are a Bank expect, and the highest quality and at a excellent price / performance ratio. "
Metrics and results of the DAB bank (provisional and not audited figures):
Key figures 2009 2008 Change
ment Securities accounts No. 1,058,503 1,091,013 -3.0% Executed Number of Transactions 6,650,480 9,235,034 -28.0% Number of transactions per account 6.21 8.43 -26.3% (annualized) Managed Customer assets EUR bn 27.23 23.16 +17.6% thereof in investment funds EUR bn 15.00 12.34 +21.6%
Financial Results * TEUR 76,386 28,363 +169.3% Net commission income EUR 82,912 108,419 -23.5% 119,885 129,206 Administrative expenses kEUR -7.2% Income before taxes EUR 33,575 11,487 +192.3% Net profit EUR 23,310 8,486 +174.7% cost-income ratio in% 80.1 91.8 -12.7% Earnings per share EUR 0.31 0.11 +181.8%
</ pre>
Key figures Q4/2009 Q3/2009 Q4/2008 Securities accounts No. 1,058,503 1,064,304 1,091,013 Trades executed No. 1894132 1,603,279 2,821,754 Trades per securities account No. 7.14 6.01 10.36 years Customer assets EUR bn 27.23 26.28 23.16 thereof in investment funds bn EUR 15.00 14.29 12.34 Results Q4/2009 Q3/2009 Q4/2008 * Financial TEUR 18,886 22,496 15,768 Net commission income EUR 21,591 TEUR 22,394 29,210 Administrative expenses 27,591 31,987 34,097 Income before Taxes TEUR TEUR 7,050 12,140 10,006 Surplus 4,991 8,341 7,419 Earnings per share EUR 0.07 0.11 0.10
</ pre>
* Financial interest income before loan-loss provisions = +
Net trading income + Net income from investments
Contact: For questions please contact Dr. Jürgen Eikenbusch, DAB Bank, communications@dab.com.
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