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DGAP-News: Energy Holding AG: Fiscal year 2009: energy services holding company with natural energy on the right track


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Energy Holding AG
5080 Laufenburg
Phone: +41 (0) 62 869-2222
8. February 2009
FY 2009: energy services holding company with natural energy on track
– Overall performance in difficult market environment at 766 million euros increased
– EBIT and profit slightly below last year
– Electricity sales lower than last year
– Requested the Board to General Assembly a unchanged
Dividend of CHF 1.40
Laufenburg, 08.02.2010
The Energy Holding AG was in 2009 in their market environment claim. The year 2009 was by recession effects and regulatory influences dominated. Increased despite the economic crisis Overall performance compared to the previous year of 710 million euros to 766 million Euro. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) amounted to 98.3 Million euros, 5.9 million euros less than the previous year. That Company earnings declined year on year to 4 million to 83 million euros.
"Given the macroeconomic situation, we can be satisfied with the outcome, "says Martin Steiger, chairman of the Management of the Energy Holding AG. ‘In a difficult market, we managed to increase our revenue. Especially with the brand natural energy We were able to score points. We anticipate that this year we are the mark of 1 TWh of green electricity sold outside its network area be surpassed. "
The cash flow (net cash provided by operating Activity) was reduced by the decrease of liabilities of 122 Million to 81 million euros and thus covered by the New power plant in Rheinfelden-related investments in full. The Equity ratio before profit distribution increased from 50% to 53%.
As a result, the positive factors were the negative Unable to compensate for influences. Negative effects were: the decline in amount of electricity supplied to residential, commercial and business customers who new burdens of system services, rising costs for the loss of energy, the below-average water conditions of the Rhine and Rhone, the allowance for Customer demands and the uncontrolled growing burden of rising rates from the Renewable Energy Law. However, had a positive Net gains from asset sales, margins and profits from production Long-term contracts, the course of the Rheinfelden power station construction and the re – sustainable expense control.
The gross investment of the ED group decreased from 60.2 million euros in Previous year to 97.3 million euros. The largest share of investment flowed into the construction of the hydroelectric plant at Rheinfelden. But here rose the investments to 68.7 million euros (previous year:) 35.0 million. Similarly, The increased investment in our networks.
Electricity sales
The total electricity sales in energy services group in the Fiscal year 2009 amounted to 7370 million kilowatt hours (kWh) and spent six Percent below the previous year’s sales of 7839 million kWh. Electricity sales in Germany decreased by 5.9% to 4375 kWh as a result of ongoing competition for retail customers and the general economic Situation.
Sales of natural energy outside the network area rose to 923 million kWh (previous year: 693 million kWh) by approximately 33%. Customer losses and lower demand due to the economic crisis could be overcompensated.
Power production and procurement
In-house and partially own hydroelectric power produced in 2009 2473 million kWh less energy than predicted and also less ) than in the previous year (2008: 2.569 million kWh. The long-standing Monthly averages were particularly in the first and last years quarter, partly significantly below. The small quantities led to the Annual production in the Rhine-fired power plants, the long-term average fell below.
The meteorological conditions at the Rhône were characterized by winters with much snow. With the melting of the Summer were well filled the reservoirs. This yielded a good Water management. Summer and autumn were low rainfall. Production in the Autumn months was therefore below average.
New hydroelectric Rheinfelden
The construction of the hydroelectric plant in Rheinfelden lies in the plan. The Hauptbetonagearbeiten the engine was completed in 2009. The assembly of the Support ring wells, the Haupttragekonstruktion of the turbines and generators pose is completed. The first turbine group was the end of 2009 delivered and installed by January. The flooding of the test basis Underwater site was made in late January. The flooding of the headwater site is for the last scheduled week of February. In June, the first turbine is designed to Trial run record. The other three turbines will follow in Two-month cycle, so that the end of the year, all four turbines in operation at the network are. Far ahead of schedule, the Rheineintiefung lies, it becomes Commissioning the first turbine to be stopped. The decommissioning of the old Engine according to plan will begin in the fall.
Proposals to the General Assembly
The Board of the Energy Services Holding AG at the AGM on 26 March 2010 a dividend of CHF 1.40 per share with par value CHF Apply 0.10. This makes the Distribution of previous years continued.
For fiscal year 2010, is Energy services group of a stable electricity sales in the area of Standard load profile customers from industry and commerce. The paragraph will conduct expected to converge on the relatively low level of 2009. Because of a further intensified competition expected, the energy services group with a similar switching behavior of customers, and therefore with a decrease in customer numbers in the network area. The successful acquisition natural energy customers in the private sector in Germany is strengthened. The growing demand for an ecologically sustainable energy supply is in the course of the climate debate for the Natural energy distribution provide more positive incentives. Similarly, the expected Energy services group with a stable sales volumes of natural energy customers in the Industrial and service sectors.
Overall, the goal of efficiency and is the Profitability in all the value chain on a to maintain above-average level.
All statements in this report which are not historical facts relate are forward-looking statements that involve no guarantee regarding provide future benefits. They involve risks and Uncertainties, including but not limited to future global economic conditions, exchange rates, regulatory Regulations, market conditions, activities of competitors and other Factors that are beyond the control of the company.
Corporate Information
The Energy Holding AG employs about 770 Employees, of whom 37 are trainees. The company supplies in South Baden and Switzerland 750,000 people with electricity and energy-related Services. At the regional and national clients include some 270,000 residential and commercial customers, about 2,200 business customers and 41 Redistributing municipal customers. Around 7.4 billion kilowatt hours of electricity were 2009 sold. The company group of the Energy Holding AG (EDH) are the energy AG (ED AG), the energy service networks Ltd. (EDN), the daughter of Green Electricity Natural Energy Ltd and the EnAlpin AG in the Valais. It is an affiliate of Energy Baden-Württemberg AG in Karlsruhe.
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