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DGAP-News: Haubrok Investor Relations: More than 80 companies listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange


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More than 80 companies listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange
Berlin-based company grow after IPO
Noticeable impact on revenue and Headcount, especially in smaller companies
Berlin, 23 February 2010
In Berlin are not yet DAX MDAX companies are located, but still use more than 80 companies, the stock market and the Equity market, given the unregulated market. Among the major Companies include leading companies such as DEAG or Axel Springer according to the Prime Standard, the highest segment are listed. But there are also a number of smaller companies, whose shares in Open Market or OTC traded Berlin.
The current study ‘of IPOs Berlin / Brandenburg ‘prestigious IPO advisory leaflets & Partner AG dedicates itself to the question of what the development company headquartered in ‘ve Berlin / Brandenburg made since its IPO. The study tested 25 Companies that have taken place since 1984 at the stock exchange and whose shares also Today, still listed on an organized market or in the Entry Standard are. The central finding of the study is that the going public for business on the business development has an impact, said Prof. Dr. Wolfgang leaflets, CEO of Leaflets & Partner AG.
Subject of the investigation were both short-term Effects in direct temporal context of the IPO, as well as the Development in the period from 2004 to 2008. ‘Especially the small companies with less than EUR 100 million revenue in the year preceding its IPO, the Constitute most of the issuers have benefited from the positive effects in cash flows and the increased attention ‘, presented Prof. leaf out.
Since 1984, received a total of 41 companies from Berlin / Brandenburg with a total issue volume of EUR 3.7 billion euros to the Exchange. This corresponds to a share of 4.8% of all IPOs since 1984 are in Germany, based on the volume of emissions is However, only 3.5%. Of the 41 issuers are currently still 25 And listed companies have their headquarters in one of the two states. Nine issuers took leave of the exchange list in consequence of a ‘Squeeze-outs, four companies presented their business due to a Insolvency of one and three issuers moved their headquarters
The 25 remaining publicly traded companies posted at the time of their IPOs have a market capitalization of approximately To EUR 4.7 billion, with an average capitalization of EUR 189 Million and the median was EUR 139 million.
Especially positive is the going public on the Employee development after the step effect on the stock exchange. So these 25 employees prior to the IPO issuers in the year a total of approximately 17.3 thousand Employees. In the year after the IPO, the number rose to approximately 21.3 thousand, representing an annual increase of 11%. Median values are used, adjusted to have a extremes Scale type, increases the annual growth rate even 31%. Thereafter, the median number of employees rose to 141 in the year after the IPO of 82 employees during the year preceding the IPO. Thus, it was mainly the smaller companies, which used the IPO and its Number of employees increased rapidly. Similar values are obtained in terms of sales. The revenues all 25 Issuers increased by 16% per annum of EUR 2.4 billion in the year before the IPO at EUR 3.2 billion in Year after the IPO. The well-marked Boost in sales, there were again in the majority of smaller issuers (Median values), whose revenues increased during the same period by as much as 49% pa of EUR 15 million to EUR 33 million
Even in the recent past, in the years 2004 to 2008, The 25 were listed in Berlin and Brandenburg Companies, a reliable growth engine. Your sales increasing annually by 12.7%,
the number of employees increased by 5.4% per annum to. ‘Especially for the industrieschwache Berlin / Brandenburg region, these listed Companies, a guarantee of sustainable growth and prosperity. Finally, these companies invested in this period over 1.3 billion EUR in new equipment and know-how, "said Prof. leaflets. Following an investigation of Haubrok Investor Relations GmbH, based on the organized markets, and the Entry Standard segment relates, are now a total of 24 companies in Berlin in the Prime Standard, 12 Companies in the General Standard and 14 companies listed in the Entry Standard. A comparison with the average market structure in Germany shows that in particular the Entry Standard at the Berlin issuers popular. While a total of only 14.8% of all issuers in note that weak-regulated market, is the Proportion of the Entry Standard at the Berlin-based company 28.0%. ‘The Entry Standard is ideal for smaller businesses to grow strongly, But at the same time want to minimize the administrative burden ‘, explained Haubrok development with a view of the large number of emerging smaller companies in Berlin. While the AG’s weighting in Berlin Prime Standard segment corresponds to the average, are in Berlin Companies according to the General Standard in the intervening underweight. This structure is evaluated as Haubrok understandable. The Difference between the segments lie entirely in Transparency, which showed the company, and related expenses Office of Communications. ‘If money already spent on communication to be, then it makes sense to also meet the highest standards be to attract investors to be. "
An industry view of the ingredients listed in the three segments Companies shows that, in comparison to the overall market, especially in the Sectors of financial services, pharmaceutical & healthcare and media are overrepresented. Overall, 26% of the Berlin-based company can be found in DAXsector ‘All Financial Services’, 16% for ‘All Pharma & Healthcare’ and 14% each in space and in the media field DAXsector All Software again. ‘Berlin-based companies are also strong on the Frankfurt Open Represented in the Berlin market and free trade, ‘said Haubrok with Look at the more exotic values. For example, the Zoological Garten Berlin AG, the same two classes of shares in the Berlin-counter present: The distinction lies only in whether the Admission to the equity duration for the associated legal Aquarium holds. According to the stocks ‘registered share with aquarium loud’ and ‘Registered shares without the aquarium’.
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