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DGAP-News: HELMA Eigenheimbau AG achieved record order intake of EUR 83.3 million (+21%) in fiscal 2009


HELMA Eigenheimbau AG achieved record order intake of 83.3 million EUR
(+21%) In fiscal 2009
Teaching, 11 January 2010 – The HELMA Group has increased 2009 a total of 496 houses sold (2008: 424) and thus the highest order intake in its history achieved. The average net selling price amounted to 168 while EUR (2008: 163 thousand), resulting in a significant increase in net order intake of 21 Percent to 83.3 million EUR (2008: EUR 69.0 million results). To this favorable Sales results have in the past fiscal year, all four Can help sales regions, each with double-digit growth rates.
For the fiscal year 2010 the management expects the HELMA Eigenheimbau AG to continue the positive sales trends recent years. To form the nation-wide reach Presence in the growing market position as well as the extensive know-how in The field of energy-efficient construction methods, a very solid basis. Moreover, by extending the margin Commercial property development more attractive growth potential tapped.
The disclosed sales figures for financial year 2009, all are up to the day before the date of this release Cancellations received already taken into account. The previous year’s figures is the same date at bottom, so that an optimal Comparable.
Helma Eigenheimbau ON AG:
HELMA Home Construction Ltd. is a customer Construction services provider with a full-service offering. The focus is on the Development, planning, sale and construction management of key interactions during part one-and two-family houses or in Traditional technology. In particular, the possibility of individual planning or Customization at no extra charge as well as the in-depth expertise in the field energy-efficient construction methods are in the market as a unique selling point of HELMA Eigenheimbau AG exercised. The subsidiary HELMA Housing Ltd. & Co. KG added as a property developer offering the HELMA Group.