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DGAP-News: Tara Minerals Corp..: Corporate Update


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Chicago, 15 January 2009 (Marketwire). Tara Minerals Corp.. (OTC: TARM, WKN: A0Y EMB), a subsidiary of Tara Gold Resources Corp.. (PINKSHEETS: TRGD, WKN: A0J EFM), is pleased, a Corporate Update announce. Tara Minerals is approaching a milestone: the cash flow of silver, zinc and lead production.
Tara Minerals Corp.. will soon be through the sale of silver, zinc and Lead from the producing mine and mill of Don novel in Choix, Mexico, generate cash flow. The management is on the long term Focuses on creating shareholder value and this money is for Increasing throughput, improving the resources, identifying new discoveries and the acquisition of additional strategic Assets to use. Taras Stäke in the very early detection of values and its strategy of risk reduction through Cash flow basis, allowing the company a low-risk value creation. More detailed project updates can be found below.
Don Roman and Lourdes – Mine and Mill
Tara Minerals is currently producing at its 100% owned Don Roman Project silver, zinc and lead concentrates. Former and current Results show an average salary of 309 g / t silver, 9% zinc and 3% Lead. The mill is 240 tonnes by the day. Until the second quarter of 2010 will increase the value to 480 tonnes per day. The Concentrate revenue per tonne, after deducting operating costs, is over 200 USD estimated per ton. The company has a long-term Purchase agreement for the purchase of lead, silver and zinc concentrate with Glencore International closed.
San Felipe – New Gold and Silver Discovery
1.5 kilometers southeast of the mine and mill of Don Roman found a significant gold-silver quartz vein. Channel samples demonstrated recently issued a grade of 10.06 g / t gold and 149.85 g / t Silver. The structure has a strike length of 850 m and a vertical height of about 400 m. The vein along strike and to remain Depth to open. With the mine development has been on three levels begun. So far, 550 tonnes were mined, is an underground planned.
Adit Resources Corp.. – Picacho Gold and Silver Property
Tara Minerals owns 90% of the Adit Resources Corp.., A private To acquire a subsidiary with the law, 100% shares in Picacho. Picachos Goals Four multi-stage gold-silver veins and breccias, which over 8 ½ of miles. Holes along a 12 m thick and 150 m wide Erzblocks yielded an average of 11.28 m with a grade of 15.57 g / t gold and 32.4 g / t silver. Adit Resources has today 1.2 million USD for the aggressive driving the Property is applied.
Other novel structures Don
A series of parallel mineralized structures place south of the Don Roman silver, zinc and lead mine on more than 300 m prosecuted. Surface samples showed a content of 15% zinc, 25.2% lead and 44 to 1111 g / t silver. Further mapping and Sampling are planned.
Centenario consists of eight license areas, which is about It borders on a total of 5,400 hectares and contains two novel, Don Gold-copper systems (17 g / t gold, 7% copper and 350 g / t Ag), two Lead-zinc-silver systems (8% lead, 9% zinc, 400 g / t silver) and evidence of Iron ore system (67% iron, 6 g / t gold and 4% copper). Further mapping and Sampling are planned.
Mr. Francis Biscan Jr., President of Tara Minerals Corp.., said: ‘Tara Minerals has geschlagne in a difficult market environment. We have a mill and the mine by Don novel without the usual have completed compulsory debt and liquidity Company and the shareholders improved. In addition, we were able to Portfolio through the addition of Centenario and Picacho (under Adit) . strengthen The company is now a solid base of cash flow and Earnings growth that can be positioned well. "
About Tara Minerals Corp..
Tara Minerals is on revenue generation from its Gold, lead,
Zinc and silver mine and plant on his novel, Don and Lourdes Project focused, which is situated in Choix, Mexico. Tara Minerals Corp.. a in the US-based, growth-oriented Resource company focused search, acquisition, exploration and development of high-quality precious metals and non-precious metals projects with potential for economic value is dedicated.
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