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DGAP-News: ZhongDe Waste Technology AG signs agreement to increase the contract sum of the Datong-project


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Hamburg, 30 December 2009 – ZhongDe Group [Ticker ZEF], with Datong Fuqiao waste-to-Power Co., Ltd. (Fuqiao), an addendum to increase the contract sum of Datong EPC project to RMB 24.8 Million (approximately EUR 2.48 million) were signed.

After Fuqiao repeatedly asked for adjustments to the project design had were the construction cost of the project compared to Datong original contract increased significantly. Then ZhongDe has proposed to increase the contract sum for the project. After additional project costs of Fuqiao been verified, has Fuqiao agreed to the contract sum of approximately Datong project to RMB 24.8 million ( Raise £ 2.48 million) to. The increase in Contract sum is the result of the 4th Quarter of 2009, contributing.

Zefeng Chen, founder and CEO of ZhongDe Waste Technology AG explains: ‘We have this contract with our world-class technology secured and developed a good relationship with our customers as we ourselves have adjusted to their needs and reliable with they work together. The signing of this addendum shows that we are committed, first-class To develop environmental protection systems for our customers and better returns to achieve for our investors. "

About ZhongDe Group develops ZhongDe Group manufactures and installs pyrolytic (with grate, Pyrolysis process, as well as rotary kilns) for the removal of Household waste, industrial waste, including hazardous waste and clinical waste in China. In addition, building the Companies to complete large-scale incinerator with Power generation. Since 1996, ZhongDe Group has about 200 Waste incineration plants to customers in some 13 provinces throughout China sold more than 80 of them alone in the past three fiscal years. Are essentially waste incinerators for Small Group and medium-sized cities in developed areas of the People’s Republic of China as well as for operators of disposal facilities for clinical waste from the hospital industry and health care designed. ZhongDe Group is one of the leading suppliers of small and medium-sized state-of-the-art incinerators in China. Furthermore, ZhongDe Group is one of the leading companies in the China’s huge market for ‘waste-to-energy’ plants.