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Dt Börse expects 2010 and 2011 revenue and earnings growth … (two)


Unchanged expects the German market in 2010 with Costs of up to 1.25 billion euros. This figure is before provisions initiatives for the cost of around 40 million euros. Despite the continued competition from established and alternative stock markets looks The German stock market, although well positioned for the future To remain the market leader in trading German blue-chip stocks. By increased competition would not be excluded that the Market shares of all competitors will continue to move, it said in the Annual Report of the DAX Group.
The U.S. derivatives exchange, ISE, which Deutsche Börse 2009 Depreciation, had complained in the millions, will also in future Problem child to stay. The German stock market expects for 2010 and 2011 for ISE with highly fluctuating market shares. Background were under others, the discount offers of competing exchanges and the introduction by banks at the Amex, which has since been strengthened procurement unwound through this exchange. In the future, the ISE will be their Focus more on winning new customers and offering innovative products are targeted, it said.
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March 29, 2010 07:24 ET (11:24 GMT)
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