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Dt Exchange 2010 and 2011, expects sales and earnings growth … (three)


The segment Clearstream is the opinion of Deutsche Börse continue especially with the settlement and custody international bonds to earn his money. Despite the "very intense "competition is not a greater impact to count on the sales or market share. Due its diversified product and is Diensteistungsportfolios for 2010 and 2011, however, with growing sales to . expected
In banking, net interest income 2010, "significantly" lower than the previous year, the company expects. Only with the Increase in short-term interest rates in Europe and the U.S. is a Expected to improve. After Clearstream middle of last year, prices reduced for the settlement of domestic transactions have, were planned at present, no further price cuts.
Unchanged, the German stock market continues its goal firm, at group level for at least an interest coverage ratio between the To maintain the EBITDA and interest expense from the financing of 16. From Net income will remain 40% to 60% as a dividend or Share repurchases to shareholders come to good. The stock market is their target unchanged under the condition that the requirements Capital structure, investment, or general liquidity considerations to the contrary are not.


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